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    Wondering about new product

    Boojie30 - - Future Products


    So I have read all the stuff i bought at the shop i game at. It is all very amazing product! I was just curious when the magic and martial arts books were being released, last i heard was September but have seen nothing about them any where. I am patient but i was curious cause I am waiting to start running til i can get these books. Thank you again for a great product and hope to hear about this soon. Boojie

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    Thank for your prompt and detailed response to my questions Scott! I just finished Reading through the main rule book. Once The game I am running now ends I will be starting Shard. I love this game. The world is very detailed and colorful. Character creation is simple and the rules are easy to understand. Which is important given that some of the people that play in the games I run at the local game shop are teenagers with short attention spans lol. My wife was very excited to hear about being a…

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    I recently picked up the main book, the gm screen, and the companion folio with the character sheets. well my dad got them for me because he knows I like to try new and interesting game. I cannot wait to get these new books. Also will there be a animal template for Llamas? I ask because my wife games and loves Llamas.