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  • Gen Con Indy 2018

    Scott Jones - - Conventions


    Hello all! After these many years it's time, once again, for Shard Studios to make a good showing of itself at #GenCon2018! For those of you heading to Gen Con this year, please drop by our table in the Studio2 booth (booths #1929 and 2029) This year Shard will be running five different gaming events at Gen Con! We're running them for free, so the only cost is the basic $4 Gen Con event ticket price. Check out all the details for each of the gaming events in the Shard-specific section of the Gen…

  • Thank You for Smoking

    Scott Jones - - World of Dárdünah


    The Zoics depicted smoking in the Animal Templates were shown doing so merely as a random gesture from our artist Jay French... It is funny that they are both amphibians of some kind, though... Heh! But Griffin is essentially correct, for the most part, smoking is merely a social habit picked up just as it might have been picked up by any race in most fantasy settings... When handling it in the game as a GM, I would indicate that players might only suffer from the effects of being around "too mu…

  • Retractable claws

    Scott Jones - - World of Dárdünah


    That's an excellent question! For the sake of the various feline Zoic races in Shard, it should certainly be assumed that, if a particular type of cat has the ability to retract its claws on Earth as a species, then the Zooic based on that particular cat as a Zoic in Shard can as well... For instance, a tiger Zoic would be able to retract and extend her claws, while a cheetah Zoic would not, since cheetahs on Earth cannot retract their claws, and have claws that are always exposed, much like can…

  • Hello and welcome to SHARD! I'm so glad you've had a chance to become a fan of the world we've created! Check out the various forum categories, familiarize yourself with their content, and feel free to ask us anything about our game and its fiction you'd like! Scottie

  • It's great to hear you're looking forward to seeing more fiction and lore for the world! As we begin to get into the "meat" of the edits for the "World Guide", I'll be sharing tidbits of things like that here on the forums, just like I did when we were working on the recent "Magic and Martial Arts" volume... Stay tuned!

  • Hello all! This issue has now been solved, and folks visiting our forums can now create new accounts! Thanks for your patience. We'll be removing this announcement shortly. Scottie