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  • Thanks, I should tell you I am straight up TERRIBLE at math so I think I would have to ask someone else about that, I remember the vulture template and how Old Wold Vultures had no sense of smell thus for them tracking scent was removed

  • Moles are lumped together with things like Prairie Dogs and Chipmunks in the new template (Which does kind of bug me as they aren't very similar to those animals at all) Since one of my most important characters in my fiction is a Female Mole I have some questions like...Do Moles specifically get venomous saliva? And do they have unique vision disabilities that Prairie Dogs and Chipmunks don't have?

  • Well...My sister is currently on her way to college in Canada, and rereading my Shard Book I was thinking about the Academy of Nilam and its reputation. While most Teachers are Holy Caste I see that Sunborn can be students, so thinking about my Gecko Character Sundra, while initially conceiving her full-fledged poet, I thought about instead making her a student of the poetic arts at the Academy. (Also I decided Sundra will be the character for my story based on a news story about a girl burned w…

  • I think I already know what some of the 'Costs' were the Cheetah (Can't remember the names at the moment) became blind and the Jackal became bald...One Punch Jackal!

  • I feel like a moment Si'Ni has during her adventure with the Ninja Turtles and Humanimals, and watching them bicker (As siblings tend to do) And in her private thoughts she wonders what may have been left out of the tale of the Talons and wonders if they ever squabbled over who got the last pastry Sort of a Meta Compare and contrast toward how heroes of Mythology are written as these grandiose larger than life figures while modern superheroes get a more 'human' portrayal showing their weaknesses…

  • Mostly the different things in Egypt that either had Animal Gods/Goddess or otherwise depicts animals like a picture of the Pharaoh spear hunting an Ostrich. It also explained the process of Mummification and the Journey the Egyptians believed the dead took through the land of the dead, while the Dardunah Afterlife is more based on Hinduism it did make me think about the Nature of Dardunah and its inhabitants

  • Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures

  • Just visited the California Science Center today to see the limited time Egypt exhibit and boy howdy did that get me thinking about Dardunah and its History and Lore Thinking about the Talons of Kramah I feel particularly wanting to know more about them as individuals

  • Wow that is really interesting!

  • Really begins to feel like I'm the only one who has questions here...What other Jenu Guesses can I make, Beavers are Industrious and Camels/Llamas probably have the Short Tempered/Brusque Manner Drawback those are no brainers... What kind of stereotype would Roadrunners or Woodpeckers have in Dardunah?

  • Huzzah! An image of a species introduced in the new book!

  • Wow! That's interesting! Koalas were one of the first animals I was obsessed with as a Tot I think it was from watching Rescuers Down Under as a Kid

  • Just thinking about the creatures who have an average lifespan of 40 years and how long it usually takes to master magic...Would that mean short lived Janah are at the disadvantage in mastering being Sir'Hibas?

  • Life as Valet

    Teenage Mutant Sarpah - - SHARD Combat


    Rereading through the Professions in my book I took a look at the description for Valet as the Trade Caste Bodyguard and I did start to wonder about how much more different being a Valet is to being a Sunborn Honor Guard.

  • Alas I believe I will have to wait for Christmas again before I can have Magic and Martial Arts as I'm not the one who will be making the purchase...I think I can formulate some guesses to what some Jenu Stereotypes will be...Like I bet Koalas are either slow-witted or otherwise stereotyped as not being very bright

  • This is the Fanfiction, it is half a Ninja Turtles Fanfiction and half a Fan sequel to Willaim Kotzwinkle's 1976 Novel Doctor Rat…at-by-william-kotzwinkle/ What is Important to remember is that the Dardunah Characters are in the end side characters to the Ninja Turtles and Other 'Earth' Characters...When I saw in the forum someone proposing a possible story idea of the Devourer eventually making it to Dardunah…

  • To be fair...This isn't a game, it is a simple prose story I'm writing on Faniction.Net And neither Janah Girl stays on Earth, for both it is more a temporary self-exile/self discovery journey before they can return to Dardunah with wisdom they didn't have before classic Hero's Journey style

  • Don't have it yet. I've already asked for a lot this year, I got a new laptop this month I'm gonna wait for Christmas again because this is obviously a treat and not something needed like my laptop, don't want to be greedy since I'm not the one making the purchese

  • After thinking about it...I realize this could be a background story for my character Si'Ni's tutor Nava the Mountain Hare on why she specifically chose to help 'Special Needs' children in the first place, while the society probably has no word for 'Autism' or 'Asperger's Syndrome' yet Nava in her youth witnessed an Arctic Wolf Female who displayed many of the same things Si'Ni does and suffers horribly at the hands of her classmates (Probably a Mockingbird and Monitor Lizard as they have the dr…