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  • In this chapter Si'Ni sings The Journey Chant for her new friends, you're welcome for the free advertising

  • Since I still haven't found anyone who will play an Anthro Animal Game of any kind with me (Yet) I sit here yearning for some Elder to tell me some bedtime stories to send me to sleep. I know there is that post-apocalyptic campaign that he doesn't want to reveal too much about, and I read Endoria's campaign stories from her website...But I hunger for more stories that take place in Dardunah

  • After hearing about 'Honeymelons' I'm eager to know what other unique fruits might exist on Dardunah I once tried an Indian Milk Cake once (IT WAS SO GOOD) and some other kinds of milk sweets. I am wondering if Dardunah has equivalents to Pancakes and Donuts and other sweets that seem to have variations in multiple cultures not just western ones

  • Getting back to the Campaign Idea of the 'Evil Mummy' I remembered the Batman the Animated Series episode Avatar with the Egyptian Queen Thoth that Ra's Al Ghoul reanimated...Looking at Thoth I kind imagined a Cobra Janah version of her, perhaps a Priestess of Nagamissa

  • Hopefully, soon, I'll have the Magic and Martial Arts book come Christmas Morning so I will at least be able to stop pestering you with questions about the remaining Janah Templates

  • Once again gonna have to wait until this Christmas for the Magic and Martial Arts Book...Feel like you can't truly play at all without all three books

  • Whoa...Speaking more like you're an actual Janah All I can say to that is King Sea-Pancake says Floppa-Floppa-Floppa

  • One thing that's also been on my mind for a while is Fish as non-arthropod Suthra, while some Suthra while some Suthra like Dromi and Gule resemble Seahorses among other things they resemble, I remember the Aquatic Manta and Stingray shaped Mounts, whose names I can't remember at the moment and does cause me to ask if cartilaginous fish are the only native vertebrates in Dardunah

  • One thing that's been on my mind for a while, while reading the Jenu Templates like for instance...Hyena...They are often led by an 'Influential Matriarch' implying a bunch of Hyenas living under their Hyena Matriarch. And other species like Otters and Seagulls have cultures within their own specific Jenu and I just have to wonder...How common is it for a Vajrah to marry a Vajrah of a different Jenu, while it was stated all the three great races are species unto themselves, the information in th…

  • Here is the followup chapter, once again, read for yourselves And here iswhere we show the aftermath of Si’Ni’s ‘enlightenment’ After pumping her stomach Ichabod shook the Pig-Girl’s shoulderstrying to wake her up. “Si’Ni.” Ichabod said quietly “Si’Ni, wake up.” TheSow’s ears flickered a bit as she heard his voice. Once again sheslowly came back to the land if the living...By now the sun had setcompletely and the stars twinkled brightly in the sky. No one knewwhat the Pig-Girl would do next. As …

  • Here is the chapter 'Enlightenment by Chocolate' I guess I'll just post the entire chapter and let you guys judge for yourselves...Tried to be as respectful as possible And here iswhere I reveal to Si’Ni the true origin of her people...In a meansI realize is absurd and most likely the creators (Who I speak toregularly as I’m a member of the Shard RPG’s forum) wouldprobably say Janah probably can eat chocolate if they were given it,but this is the only way Si’Ni can be with all this (What are toh…

  • Here is the chapter Si'Ni finally meets the main characters Hopefully this is what would logically happen if a Janah came to Earth and met the Ninja Turtles

  • Here is a brief snippet from my latest chapter in my Fanfiction The Revenants of Dark Earth, in which the Janah are discussed by the main villains. (Another brief mention is an unfortunate Human, informing the Main Villain one of the 'creatures' has escaped but there is nothing in the dialogue to indicate the creature is a Janah) the two villains is Doctor Rat the titular quisling of the Novel by William Kotzwinkle that this story is a fan-sequel to here Mutated into an anthropomorphic cyborg. a…

  • Thanks!

  • Thanks, I should tell you I am straight up TERRIBLE at math so I think I would have to ask someone else about that, I remember the vulture template and how Old Wold Vultures had no sense of smell thus for them tracking scent was removed

  • Moles are lumped together with things like Prairie Dogs and Chipmunks in the new template (Which does kind of bug me as they aren't very similar to those animals at all) Since one of my most important characters in my fiction is a Female Mole I have some questions like...Do Moles specifically get venomous saliva? And do they have unique vision disabilities that Prairie Dogs and Chipmunks don't have?

  • Well...My sister is currently on her way to college in Canada, and rereading my Shard Book I was thinking about the Academy of Nilam and its reputation. While most Teachers are Holy Caste I see that Sunborn can be students, so thinking about my Gecko Character Sundra, while initially conceiving her full-fledged poet, I thought about instead making her a student of the poetic arts at the Academy. (Also I decided Sundra will be the character for my story based on a news story about a girl burned w…

  • I think I already know what some of the 'Costs' were the Cheetah (Can't remember the names at the moment) became blind and the Jackal became bald...One Punch Jackal!

  • I feel like a moment Si'Ni has during her adventure with the Ninja Turtles and Humanimals, and watching them bicker (As siblings tend to do) And in her private thoughts she wonders what may have been left out of the tale of the Talons and wonders if they ever squabbled over who got the last pastry Sort of a Meta Compare and contrast toward how heroes of Mythology are written as these grandiose larger than life figures while modern superheroes get a more 'human' portrayal showing their weaknesses…

  • Mostly the different things in Egypt that either had Animal Gods/Goddess or otherwise depicts animals like a picture of the Pharaoh spear hunting an Ostrich. It also explained the process of Mummification and the Journey the Egyptians believed the dead took through the land of the dead, while the Dardunah Afterlife is more based on Hinduism it did make me think about the Nature of Dardunah and its inhabitants