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  • Tail Thread

    Scott Jones - - World of Dárdünah


    There's certainly no doubt about that, and possibly even thoughts like "Why did the devah give me this form? Why not a form that would have made me happier?" But, of course, a LOT of that would be explained by past lives and karma and such... It's easy to "rationalize" using faith... And as long as that faith doesn't blame others, and instead promotes reflective self improvement, it can actually work out!

  • Quote from Teenage Mutant Sarpah: “Heroic Mice are actually a pretty common Trope themselves, so for a Paksin specific example the Evil Duke is a Menacing Raptor and his illegitimate daughter is turkey! Don't see a lot of turkey protagonists particularly female turkeys ” Ha ha! I love the humor of a turkey being the daughter of the protagonist especially because it conjures up that cartoon moment when she's finally introduced in a "Spongebob" kind of way at a climactic moment of the story, only …

  • Quote from Teenage Mutant Sarpah: “Holy! Which Emails were those? ” It was the email Strong Bad answered where my nephew and niece had their friend Andrew tell him that they "liked it most when you harm your friends"...

  • Quote from Teenage Mutant Sarpah: “I kind of feel bad for Porcupines as they are overshadowed by Hedgehogs in internet popularity because Hedgehogs are cuter are available as pets and you know...Sonic ” I agree! Porcupines need love too!

  • Well this a fine mess

    Scott Jones - - General Discussion


    Griffin is often the one who helps us catch these things, since my obligations only allow me to post sporadically, in spates... But he, too, has been so busy recently, as we prepared for and attended a recent convention, that visiting the forum didn't happen as often as we would like it to...

  • Tail Thread

    Scott Jones - - World of Dárdünah


    In Shard the animal form you have is seen more as a "disguise" passed on to one's children, just as it was passed on to generations before them, as a gift from the Great Mother and Father to hide the jánah from the Devourer (Darkness Without End). That being the case, though there are those who take special pride in their form's attributes, the fact that one particular jenu seems to be in positions of authority or luxury is merely the result of the fact that such forms are passed on from parents…

  • Playing various species "at odds" with our own expectations can provide fodder for a lot of exceptional story-telling and role-playing circumstances within games like Shard... It's always fun to see players really "find themselves" within the various animal archetypes, and I've seen it happen even when they didn't realize they may have had an affinity for that animal type while considering how they might play one of the limited number of jenu-types offered in our demos... Suddenly they begin rea…

  • We've been away and unavailable over this last week due to preparations being made for Havencon, followed by our attendance of it, which we've just returned from... But the primary reason this seems to be an issue is that whatever methods these spam-bots are using, their able to get by the "Captcha" security that is meant to catch them... Even upgrading it seems to do no good. We just have to make a sweep from time to time, looking specifically for those... Scottie

  • Here's a bit of a section in the "Countries and Cultures" chapter we're working on, where we describe each of the countries from the perspective of one of the scholars from the Academy of Nilám... One of the first countries to be re-worked and expanded upon is Bakári! Again, remember, none of this has been fully edited yet! Check it out and see what you think!: .......... Bakári – Isvarate, southern land of verdant deltas. Ruler: The Isvar Mabrahlan, male Clydesdale stallion. Ruling Class: Mainl…

  • This is great! These are very astute observations! Yes,...the differences you indicate are exactly for the reasons you mentioned... That, of course, as well as the fact that we wanted to avoid any direct correlations between a real-world religion, and the fantasy environment we were trying to create... Touching upon aspects of different faiths are fine for us (especially those that make for great story-telling, ethical dilemmas, and a variety of challenges and details), but trying to reproduce t…

  • Dardunah Desserts?

    Scott Jones - - World of Dárdünah


    And, of course, one cannot forget Turkish Delight... I believe I've been interested in this dessert since I first read about it in "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe"... I mean, heck,...a dessert so good you'd be willing to betray all your siblings over it? Heh!

  • Ha ha! So true! Thanks! I've changed that foolishness!

  • Here's a section we're working on right now, which we plan to add to the current manuscript soon! The business of agriculture is something that has been largely glossed over in Shard, but is certainly something important to consider when beginning to detail aspects of our game-world's Commerce and Trade... Here's a little taste of our notes for this section so far! Agriculture in Dárdünah Agricultural Trade – Agricultural trade is a complex system of diverse businesses run by Trade Caste merchan…

  • Hello folks! As many of you may already know, now that we've published our latest "Magic and Martial Arts" hardcover, we are now moving on to editing and adding new content to the existing draft of our up-and-coming "World Guide"! IN several other threads and conversations, I've already shared snippets and even entire PDFs of "World Guide" content in its current, "finished-looking", but actually unedited form... These tid-bits get shared from time to time to help answer questions about certain a…

  • Absolutely! Enjoy! And stay tuned as we share stuff we're working on!

  • Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing this! I wasn't able to join them on their adventures around convention, so seeing them meeting great folks is a treat! If you have any questions about our game, please reach out to us here and we'll fill you in! And, as the blessing in Shard goes... "May your crystal never shatter..." Scottie

  • At some point I'm hoping to have the time to upload either the outlines for, or simple synopses for, the games that I have run, potentially even presenting them episode by episode as Ednoria has done... If I end up getting that going at some point, I'll share links to that stuff here! Scottie

  • Quote from Hyboran: “I got a picture with them and in turn they gave me a flyer which talks about the game. ” Oh yes! As Mulefoot mentioned above, PLEASE post that photo of you meeting with our friendly lion and fox! I would have been manning the booth at the time, so I missed out on all that fun! Feel free to share that photo right here! Scottie

  • Medical Alchemy

    Scott Jones - - Basic Compendium Discussion


    Quote from Teenage Mutant Sarpah: “Reading the sections on Janah Mutations and thinking about my own character Si'Ni being a High Functioning Autistic/Asperger's Syndrome I kind of just realized are instances of Janah born acting more animalistically a kind of Janah specific Autism, could high functioning ones like Si'Ni be considered 'borderline' cases constantly viewed with suspicion because of their inability to grasp certain social concepts? ” You could certainly play a character that way. I…