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  • Well this a fine mess

    Mulefoot - - General Discussion


    Quote from Teenage Mutant Sarpah: “Good thing I'm an obsessive compulsive checker of my favorite websites or who knows how many spams this guy might have posted, may I propose a specific Devah of watching the Forum to guard against Spam Demons? I shall name her YouTuba her primary form is that of a Munchkin Cat with an irritated expression seen holding a large hammer for smashing Spam Demons ” Thank you for letting us know about the spambot. Very appreciated.

  • Greetings, Hyboran. I hope your time in the furry fandom has been a positive one. It is great to hear you're getting back into RPGs. What have been some of your favorites in the past? If you'd like a feel for the rules to the Shard RPG, you should go to and download the welcome booklet. Also check out the free downloads section of the forum for some free modules. Glad to have you here. Please feel free to post that photo of yourself with the lion and fox on the forum. We would all l…

  • Quote from SunderedShadow: “I also found out about the game at FC this year, had a very enjoyable session with everyone before I picked up the books myself. ” Welcome to the forum. Your bone dice were quite nice and that was neat to learn about dice having been worn on a necklace. Made complete sense. We look forward to hearing more from you.

  • Quote from Zlatohrbitek: “Hello! I'm Zlatohrbitek, an attendee of Further Confusion 2019 who learned about Shard yesterday from the Dealer's Den at Further Confusion. My partner Tserisa and I were immediately impressed enough by the mechanics, the gorgeous art, and the representatives of the game at the table to buy the two core books right away and sign up for a playtest last night. ” Hello there, Zlatohrbitek! I'm the fellow that commented on your badge drawn by Summer Jackel. It was great mee…

  • I got the BOOK!

    Mulefoot - - News and Announcements


    Quote from Teenage Mutant Sarpah: “I finally got Magic and Martial Arts and the thing I'm most grateful about is finally being able to read every Janah Template although I skipped over a few in my initial reading...Probably because I was hungry (I went to Dennys so I could have aplace to read without listening to my family's chatter but I didn't have any money to spend so all I could get was a glass of water) ” Congratulations on getting the book. If you have any questions about all those animal…

  • Quote from griffin: “This is pretty cool, I hope you do not mind if I use it in one of my campaigns.... ” Oh feel free to use that image in a game you run. I'm quite pleased how it came out. Still got lots more to learn though. I'm quite a ways from the destination I wish to bring my art.

  • Talons of Kramah

    Mulefoot - - World of Dárdünah


    Quote from Teenage Mutant Sarpah: “Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures ” What did you see that inspired you?

  • Talons of Kramah

    Mulefoot - - World of Dárdünah


    Quote from Teenage Mutant Sarpah: “Just visited the California Science Center today to see the limited time Egypt exhibit and boy howdy did that get me thinking about Dardunah and its History and Lore Thinking about the Talons of Kramah I feel particularly wanting to know more about them as individuals ” What did you see in the exhibit that made you think of Shard? Did you take any photos of the things that inspired you? If so, there's a section of the forum that's perfect for sharing inspiratio…

  • Quote from Ednoria: “Nice work! More please. ” I intend to. I'm on a slow artistic journey with this.

  • Quote from Teenage Mutant Sarpah: “Really begins to feel like I'm the only one who has questions here...What other Jenu Guesses can I make, Beavers are Industrious and Camels/Llamas probably have the Short Tempered/Brusque Manner Drawback those are no brainers... What kind of stereotype would Roadrunners or Woodpeckers have in Dardunah? ” Woodpeckers are tenacious. Some say they're even hardheaded. Roadrunners are known for having a preference for walking that puts them beneath many other Paksin…

  • A friend's Shard character in the morning mists...with loot. He's a young Norfolk breed sheep and an outcast at the moment, despite having begun his life as sunborn. This image was created by me. It is still a work in progress, but aren't we all?

  • Here is young little Sadaak. He is a low level character with a big future ahead of him, or so I hope. He is a forager/city scrounger with a big sideline in burglary. Sadaak sees visions in smoke and not always on purpose. This art of the character was created by the talented artist, Savannah Horrocks.

  • Dying at 40 seems like it would get in the way of mastering any skill that takes a life time to master, magical or otherwise.

  • Gen Con Indy 2018

    Mulefoot - - Conventions


    It was great to meet such amazing people such as yourself at GenCon2018. Thank you for sticking with us. We have great things coming and coming much sooner this time.

  • Thank You for Smoking

    Mulefoot - - World of Dárdünah


    I see Zoics smoking as storytelling opportunities. It is a social activity and mentioning it in a description of a social scene can add flavor. It is especially fun if player characters are invited to join an important NPC for a smoke but themselves don't smoke. Will saying no offend the NPC? Will smoking but doing it poorly (coughing, etiquette faux pas, etc) influence the NPC's decision to help the players? Smoking also can yield clues in the cases of NPCs with Tracking Scent or other related …

  • Due to circumstances beyond our current control, this software that underlies this forum is not letting new users sign up. The issue has to do with reCAPTCHA v1 no longer being supported. We are working on the problem but it will require a few more days to get everything sorted out. The fix involves changing versions of the forum software and we are moving ahead with caution to make sure no user data is lost. Until this issue is corrected, if you would like to create an account, please drop an e…