Character Sheet from the Basic Compendium (11" x 17")

      Character Sheet from the Basic Compendium (11" x 17")

      Here we have the official SHARD RPG Character Sheet as presented in the Basic Compendium, as well as an "ink friendly" version which will help you save your printer ink if you don't mind losing a bit of the background beauty (works fine in gray-scale too!).

      These are the lower resolution versions (to allow it to be uploadable, due to the size of the image).

      Both these image versions are intended for the front (outside) and back (inside) of a standard piece of 11" x 17" white paper, folded in the center after printing both sides.

      Please note: The "lead-in" bit of white space on the right of each image is to make the printer happy, since most printers usually try to start printing a bit close to the initial edge. What I did makes it work on MY printer.. I make no claims as to what it may do on any of yours. Feel free to reformat the image once you download it for yourself as necessary.


      Scottie ^^

      RE: Character Sheet from the Basic Compendium (11" x 17")

      I'll look into simply removing the parchment background from all the downloads, and see about putting up a less "ink intensive" version along with the full-color background version...

      You must forgive me, but, being an "artiste" I always tend to think beauty before functionality...

      I can totally understand the need to conserve ink...

      Check back in a day or two and hopefully I'll have the new ones up and ready for downloading...

      Scottie ^^
      Originally posted by Sarkakit
      Is there any chance you'll also be able to format this into four 8.5"x11" pages? I don't have any 11"x17" handy, so that would just be way easier to use, even if I lose the booklet effect.

      Sure! Let me see if I can get to these requests in the next few days or so...

      Scottie ^^

      I have FINALLY created more "ink friendly" versions of the inside and outside of the 11"x17" format character sheet! Yay!

      Sorry it took so long, but it's been a mad, mad, last many months...

      I'll be putting up individual pages for this soon as well, at the request of several of you fine folks!


      Scottie ^^
      So the first thing I did today was print the non-parchment, ink friendly versions of the sheets...on some parchment paper I had. Those look great though the shard logo is slightly murky on actual parchment paper.

      I'm having my cake...and eating it too. Delicious, I might add.