Announcement The Books Have Arrived!!!!

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    • The Books Have Arrived!!!!

      GREAT news everyone!

      All the products from our very first print run have finally arrived at the warehouse of our publisher Studio 2 (late yesterday, in fact, smack-dab on my birthday!), and are even now being counted and checked in!

      For those who have been waiting, and want to get them straight from Studio 2, now's the time to order! Just visit this site:
      And please remember, the Crystal Dice and the World Map are currently available only through Studio 2 (unless Aaron and I choose to sell them out of our houses or find a way to produce them and package them less expensively)... We may offer the maps through Cafe Press later, once we get our store set up there.

      For those who'd love to support their local gaming stores (which we highly encourage), please let 'em know that they should place their orders for our stuff from their favorite distributors!

      For those who'd like to have your local Barnes and Noble order it for you, just give 'em the ISBN numbers for the three main products available to them:
      978-0-9802426-0-7 Shard Basic Compendium
      978-0-9802426-3-8 Shard Convenience Pack
      978-0-9802426-4-5 Shard Gamemaster Screen

      Within a week or two, anything your local stores order will go through the normal distribution cycle, and will be arriving on their doorstep...

      Thanks again for all the patience and support my friends... I'm so glad that those of you who weren't lucky enough to have gotten your hands on those few books we had to sell at conventions will finally be able to get your hands on the game... Aaron and I are already really excited by the types of games that are already being described, and we just can't wait to hear what the rest of you will be coming up with...

      Take care,...and,...HUZZAH!

      Scottie ^^