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    • Deleting Posts and Threads

      Hello all!

      You may have noticed there is no "Delete Post" button..

      Only the Administrator (me) can delete posts or threads. And I'll usually delete (or move to a new category) threads or posts if they aren't serious threads, or pertinent to that particular discussion (in which case I'll move it to the right area, or create a new category for it to exist in), or those that don't actually serve to make the effort of this project move forward productively. I'll also delete threads pertaining to spelling and grammar issues which have been resolved, though I'll lock them for a bit, so that people can see what has been fixed recently, before I'll delete them. I'll also delete posts or threads (acting as administrator and moderator) that have been reported to me as being inappropriate in some way, or which I have been asked to delete by the original poster because they no longer wish their post to be there, for whatever reason.

      I've got to keep a handle on making sure the posts are productive and pertinent for space issues as well as just keeping the forum tidy and easy to locate stuff in by other play-testers and myself, especially.

      Consider this forum like a serious "bug-fixing" arena, and less of a socialization space, least for now. Later, once play-testing is over, I intend to add a general area for socialization and funny conversation and such, after the product has gone "live" and is on the shelves.

      Thanks so much!

      Scottie ^^