Announcement Dragon's Lair Demo a Success!

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    • Dragon's Lair Demo a Success!

      Well, my friends,...the Dárdünah demo at Dragon's Lair today was a fantastic success. Not only were some really great potential business contacts made, but the game was received with great excitement by the general gaming public who had a chance to see it for the very first time.

      There were several other games being demo-ed there, and there were several individuals running those other demos that were interested enough in the Dárdünah game to finish their own demos so that they could participate in the Introductory Adventure that I was running from 4:00 to 7:00! At the end it received a standing ovation! One couldn't ask for better praise than that.

      One of the first things the owner of the store said afterward was, "PLEASE let me know when the books will be available for sale, because I wanna buy a bunch and put them on the shelves.." That's great news, and a high endorsement from one of the top game-retailers in town.

      Hopefully all future public demos will go so well.

      I was able to display the map, handout Welcome Booklets, and display the three color proofs of the very books you guys will be receiving soon. That and the game session itself were quite a hit with the crowds who kept coming through.

      I just want to thank Eric and Oboe and Jennifer (especially for the yummy desserts and the water) and Joe Kentspeth for helping me set up and handle the public, especially Eric for dealing with questions while I was running the game... He was a real trooper and stayed all six hours from beginning to end.

      Again guys,..great work and contributions as well.

      Scottie ^^
    • Positive Responses all around

      Scott's telling it like it IS here. I spoke to a lot of people that seemed pretty impressed by the colorful presentation and interesting features of the game. The map-board with concept art, the specialty dice, and the full color Welcome Booklet were each commented on to me. One customer was pleasantly surprised by our welcome booklet, actually saying, "I can HAVE this?" impressed that we would have such an extensive and nice looking thing for free. After thinking about it I have to admit that it is nearly as cool as some lesser supplement-books from other game-systems. It's pretty much like we were giving out a D&D module to our customers. I think people were impressed. Not only that but like Scott says, other game presenters were interested enough to want to get in our the demonstration game and played through to the end. That's some pretty nice peer feedback I must say. The whole experience left me with a feeling of wanting to do more and better things to promote and develop this great game. Congratulations on a presentation and demo well done, Mr. Jones! May this be the first of many great showcasings of your great project.
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      "Chora" means "Thief" in Sanskrit.
    • I am wondering if I'm the only one in the "world headquarters playtest group" (asside from Mr. Cakes) that feels the need to get the lowlevel playtest started? After hearing Scotts rendition of the presentation, and reading Erics accounting, I'm wondering if the guys at DL & the "adoring" (adorning??) public realizes there is going to be another playtest before a publishing can be arranged,,, I'm thinking 4-8 months if everything goes smooth before it is ready for print.

      But then again, I have little experience w/ this beyond the production art process & might,, just MIGHT be flinging numbers like a monkey flings dung at gradeschool kids. Chalk it up to pride & excitement.

      What is your evaluation of the process Scott?
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    • Well... I have to say that the excitement extended past the demo for some of those involved. Several of the people at my work (one of whom actually sat in on the adventure) came up to me very excited at work on Monday. They are all very anxious for the Dardunah stuff to come out so they can run out and pick it up. They thought it was a wonderful world and the person who was in on the play session said he had a blast. YAY Scottycakes :) You did a fantastic job. I'm just glad we could be there to offer what support we could.
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    • When is the arrival date for the playtest books

      I know I have been told twice when they would arrive but because I have poorly selective memory I cannot remember when the arrival date for the playtest books is. I am anxious to have have them as I'm sure everyone who ordered a set is, and am waiting on the edge of my seat to have them in my hands. When is that distribution date again?
      "Daggra" means "Enemy" in Tibetan.
      "Chora" means "Thief" in Sanskrit.
    • RE: When is the arrival date for the playtest books

      Based on the last news from the printers, they should be done with them by the middle to end of this week. It'll take several days to get shipped to me,..and then I'll be able to hand them out ASAP.. I'm awaiting them as well,..and will be QUITE gleeful when they show up. I'll let you guys know as soon as I hear any word...

      Scottie ^^
    • Originally posted by Drohem
      Cool photos! Looks like a fun time.

      What were those little half-page like booklets for the players?

      Oh! Those were the early printed versions of the Welcome Booklet that you can currently download from the main site... Back then, and even now, I often get some of those printed up to present to those who take part in demo-games... Back then the cover was different than the newer version, and featured the flying sky-skiff departing from a temple at False Dawn... The current one has that great leaping tiger warrior....

      Scottie ^^