Map Making Tools

      Map Making Tools

      Alright, probably the most fun I have doing anything GM related is making maps. Give me a game that allows you to make custom maps, and I'm on it for hours on end. Making, tweeking, designing and the like.

      Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a good, free map maker for the computer that's fairly simple. I'm not that great with google either, so looking for one is hard for me.

      Anyway, in my random wondering of the subject, I found this site, which has user created images and stuff for download for free. It has a bunch of useful images, but now I don't have anything to use them with!

      Anyone got anything good and simple? Oh, and the sites there for anyone themselves to look around and use. It's got a pretty good selection of items :)
      I've used this program in the past to make maps for a friends game (always been good with layout) and albeit a learning curve, it's not too complex. There are some nice online tutorials for how to set it up and use it, even with pictures!!!

      Although this leads me to my dream of actually designing 3D, real-life physical gaming maps/landscapes... xD If only I had the talent/money/time!
      Hey dudes and dudettes!

      I thought it was relevant for this thread:

      I started using Maptool as virtual gametable for my campaign and started making a small Shard game framework (like macros for rolling your inititative and combat actions real quick, and other stuff, still wip).

      Also making tokens, backgrounds, finished maps and objects that I'll post for others to use some time around!

      Will make a seperate thread for posting stuff. :)

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      That Shard Framework I mentioned is coming along nicely! :D
      Really helped us so far with staging our battles, even though I'm still adding new macros, tokens, textures, custom states, etc as I go to make it better.

      Working on making more custom objects now.

      Ain't that some sugar-shacks? xD

      Here's a test-map that uses them. :D

      Once I feel that it reached a use-able state I'll see about my permission to post it all on here. :D

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      Originally posted by Scott Jones
      Heh! That's cool! I love the little tokens...

      Thanks <3
      I only made the crystal-ish frames though and fitted them into there via Tokentool for most of them. :D
      Should really be drawing some more custom tokens though. ;3

      Originally posted by Scott Jones
      What are the scary red kellendu?

      They're the dead kellendu! xD

      That's the "dead"-state overlay they have:

      There were plenty of those around after last round, since my player's opponents tried to hound them out of a building with ~5 of those.

      I just rearranged them again in a combat-ish manner.

      Every token can be assigned states in Maptool, such as "Dead, Prone, Disabled" etc. and you can even modify those according to your game.

      I made a custom set for my framework, featuring Shard combat effects such as "Lamed Limb", "Stunned Limb", "Disabled Limb", "Used as Cover", etc etc.

      I actually updated the graphics of that city quite a bit since that screenshot, but I'll post that later or maybe in another new thread. <3

      Lol noble house & a small caravanserai! :D

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