Wolfie has Arrived!

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    • Wolfie has Arrived!

      Hello all!

      My name is Wolfie (Well my nickname anyway), and I have been a Shard Lover since I first met them at their first Gen-Con (3 years ago I believe). And now, finally three years (if previous time-frame is correct) later, I have myself a signed copy of the Basic Compendium and Art book! Not to mention a signed copy of the map too!

      I have always loved the idea of an RPG with anthropomorphic characters. I can finally be a Wolf (My favorite animal)! Not to mention I love the fact it is a more Role-play oriented world. Not just Roll dice to see if you do this or that.

      I hope to find lots of new friends here and I plan to share my experiences with EVERYONE!

      P.S. - Scott Jones and Aaron de Orive: Wolfie has finally joined the forums! (You'd Better Remember me!)
      P.S.S. - Aaron de Orive: Scrimps!

      P.S.S.S - The rest of Shard Forum Members: HI!!!
      Every Day A Wolf May Die,
      Every Day My Heart Goes With It.

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    • Thanks. And I did have fun at Gen-Con. Always do. And as always, it was great seeing you guys again.

      On a side note, I start my Shard RPG up on the 28th! Hopefully later this week I'll have the point info I need to make my character. Can't Wait!

      The DM for this group is also quite pleased that she'll have access to a nice big map. I'm lending her the use of my maps I got from you guys in previous years. So they will finally get some real use!
      Every Day A Wolf May Die,
      Every Day My Heart Goes With It.