Remaining 2 Books?

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    • Good questions!!!

      I myself do not yet have a completed copy of the upcoming new book in hand, but I will soon.... In the meantime I will ask, although I am pretty sure we did cover wading water foul in the next book as well as a number of new snakes and reptiles... I will have to do some digging and find out a few more specifics for you...

      Do me a favor and ask again if I fail to give the answer in a week or so.... that way I will be certain to get you the information you have requested while ensuring that it is the most up-to-date and corrected version available from the game so far....
    • I have excellent news, everyone!!!

      The Magic and Martial Arts book is finally CONTENT COMPLETE!!!! As of yesterday, every bit of content, loads of new and exceptional art, and the copious amount of additional material we've added to the book (literally more than a hundred pages of extra material), have now been incorporated into the final finished InDesign document, and we're now doing one last read-through to spot-check for errors before getting our final printing quote and sending it off to the printer for production!!!

      It will take about 12 weeks for us to get our hands on the hard-copies of the books, but we intend to have the PDFs available long before that!

      Thanks so much for the incredible patience you have all shown... It's unfortunate that Shard Studios ended up having to essentially halt all production for several years while dealing with circumstances surrounding Aaron's departure from the company, my subsequent purchase of the IP for SHARD itself, and eventually Andrew joining me as a new partner in the efforts to bring the SHARD RPG back to life once again... But it's so gratifying to now to see the results of his support and incredibly diligent efforts in laboring with me to get this book completed... And, of course, I must also mention with pride the additional work provided by good friends such as Griffin, and many others, in seeing the production of Magic and Martial Arts through to a grand finish!

      We're so excited!!!

      Scottie ^^
    • Teenage Mutant Sarpah wrote:

      I'm looking forward to seeing what many of the species will Look like in Janah form I'm assuming that a Ring-Neck Snake would be classified under Snake Ground S

      Would a Woodcock be classified as a Shorebird or a Wading Bird? And has Sianthe's Species the Water Snake been already covered or is her exact species coming in Magic & Martial Arts?

      I'd go with Snake, Ground S for Ring-neck snakes. They're such little cuties.

      Woodcock's are shorebirds that live away from the shore. In the new templates soon to be released, you'll find the Shorebird template.