Greetings from the Other Shard!

      Greetings from the Other Shard!

      Hey guys! I am the founder of another website named Shard that deals with role-playing, and there is often some confusion between our two sites, so I thought that I would come over here and say hi!

      I like the super-fantastical style of your game here, and I wish you all the best.

      At our Shard (not a role-playing game itself, just a site to PLAY role-playing games) we are pretty much exclusively White-Wolf oriented, although we do have one Pathfinder game wrapping up (and we discovered that Pathfinder - and all D&D - just really isn't suited for good forum-style play). If we ever played Shard ON Shard, though, I think that the universe would fold into itself or something.

      So, I just thought that I would come and introduce myself to you guys in case you ever see us out there and think, "Hey! Who are those dudes that have the same name as us?"
      Shard - We Play With Your Brain

      RE: Greetings from the Other Shard!

      Hey there!

      Somehow I missed this posting!

      Sorry if there's ever been any confusion about the site, but greetings in return to another good group off gaming enthusiasts!

      Be well, be good, and feel free to visit anytime!

      Scottie ^^