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    • Miniatures?

      Hello, claws and hoofers.

      Does anyone know of a line of miniatures that would work well for PC's or other janah in shard? Or selections from several lines?

      When running combat in shard, I try to keep the scene in my head, and maybe throw the tactical situation up on a whiteboard for the players. But, this method is pretty vague...and the rules very helpfully and explicitly state what can and can't be done in terms of moves, distances, reach, etc, so it seems silly not to use that information...especially since certain animal traits or talents rise or fall by it.

      Other RPG's handle distances by using miniatures and maps for combat situations. It would seem a natural fit for shard, and a great way, I think, to help players feel their magnificent characters in action.

      Suggestions appreciated!
    • RE: Miniatures?

      Hey there BoingGoat!!!

      Great to see ya on the forums!

      Though many of my players just LOVE to fabricate their own plastic minis (and even paint them) by cutting apart, and gluing together all manner of cheap plastic figures and toys taken from a variety of sources (everything from surprisingly expensive stuff, to the cheapest of plastic animal figures that they cut the heads off of), I know I've seen a variety of anthro figurines at the various conventions I attended...

      Iron Wind Metals (formerly Ral Partha, and the very folks who've said they'd be willing to actually fabricate for us if we can ever get the ball rolling on our end), did a whole line of minis for a game that is based on the gods of ancient Egypt called War Gods of Aegyptus, I believe... Here you can see some of the miniatures... Aegyptus Minis
      As you can see, quite a few of them are anthro in nature, merely because those gods often have such features...

      Iron Wind also has all kinds of anthros already as part of their new and old regular stock, which you can order from them directly... Peruse their stuff here... Iron Wind site You'll notice they also have a variety of giant insect-like things that could be taken apart and re-arranged to potentially craft all kinds of chitinous horrors for our setting...

      When at the last GenCon, I also saw these guys... The Splintered Lands and was fairly impressed by their variety of anthro stuff, as well as the scale range of large and small creatures... FUN!

      And man,...I hafta' tell ya I MUST give credit where credit is due with Jordon Greywolf's miniatures he crafted and painted for use with his gaming in Iron Claw... Hand-made Miniatures These are really cool, and were crafted from existing miniatures and augmented with some kind of putty to make the animal-ish bits.... This just shows you what you could do on your own with a bit of time and effort... Wonderful!

      Anyway,...I hope this stuff helps and inspires you!

      Scottie ^^
    • RE: Miniatures?

      I have to put in a plug for Splintered Light Minis as well, my husband was at Cold Wars this weekend and brought back a bunch of them. They've got a nice variety of figures though the milieu is not correct. But beggars can't be choosers!

      Also, one of my players has been having great fun with reproducing and cutting out the Shard illustrations, mounting them on toothpicks, and having puppet shows!!! He's even sizing them correctly!
    • I really think the most cost effective alternative is probably cardstock minis like Precis Intermedia Group's Disposable Heroes.

      The Ironclaw/Jadeclaw standups are also adequate replacements.

      I could probably do line traces over the images in the race section of the Core Rules.

      On the average, a single heroic (28-32mm) mini costs around $300.00 to sculpt and there's a good chance the mini won't sell because it's such a niche and the minis have a very particular look preventing you from using them in other rpgs so an official line of Shard minis is probably out of the question until Scottie or Aaron strike oil or inherit a gold mine.

      Paper minis are easily purchased, distributed as .pdf, can be formatted black & white, greyscale, or color, and require no warehousing and their easily modified with markers once printed on cardstock.