Determining Combat Actions

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    • Determining Combat Actions

      Ok, I've been running a campaign for a few weeks now, but I'm still a bit confused about certain aspects of the combat system. So here's a very simple questions: when you roll to figure out your Combat Actions for your combat round, do the rules about 6's and 1's apply? In other words, let's say (Agility + Dexterity)/2 = 6, and I roll 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6. How many actions is that? Is it simply 4, because the 1's and 6's rules don't apply? Or is it 3, because the 1's rule applies? Or do I also re-roll that second 6? (Afterwards, of course, you would add the 2 actions that everybody gets.)

      Thanks for your help!


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    • Greetings Ednoria!

      To my knowledge, the (optional) fumble rule (Basic Compendium Page 33 & 215) does only apply to skill, attack and defense rolls. :)

      Mind though that there are other influences on Action Dice rolls, such as the talent Combat Instinct, penalties due to combat damage, Maneuver Effects and such... :)

      I can elaborate if you wish me to.

      I hope your game runs well!
      If you need anything else, feel free to tell. :3

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    • Hey there Ednoria!

      The optional rule concerning Fumbling only matters, as Sherbie said, when your character is rolling to perform some kind of Action in-game, such as a Skill roll, Characteristic roll, or Animal Ability... For all standard defenses in combat, we decided that our optional Fumble rule doesn't apply, since failing a defense roll in SHARD's combat system is punishment enough, in most cases... However, rolling 1's only causes Fumbles if you don't roll any successes along with them...

      When rolling 6's with the optional rules, every 6 rolled beyond the "first" one gets rolled again to see if it generates an additional success (including any 6's rolled during the "re-roll" of previous 6's)...

      In the case you mentioned, where you rolled 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6 when generating your number of Actions for the round, the 1 doesn't count as anything, and neither does the 3 (this isn't a roll you can Fumble, and neither numbers are successes), and the 4, 5, 6, 6 count as four successes, with the opportunity to roll the second 6 over again to see if it generates more successes if you are using the optional rule of 6's... You could continue rolling that second 6 over again as long as you kept rolling 6's, but would stop rolling if you rolled a standard success (4 or 5) or a 3, 2, or 1...

      Just read those rule sections again very carefully, and go for it!

      Hopefully that helped!

      Scottie ^^