the Deva

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    • RE: the Deva

      More the latter, although there are some Indian gods that have influenced certain of the Devah (such as Shiva the Destroyer influencing Kramah, Kali influencing Amasurah, Hanuman influencing Mujibh).

      We encourage you, btw, to create more of your own Devah. Dardunah has dozens of gods, many only known in certain geographical regions, so the more the merrier. :)

    • I think it's time this thread got revived...Re-Reading the basic compendium after getting it for Christmas I would really like to read some of the actual folktales like about Kilarah's 'Amorous Adventures' and Hropa's 'Insatiable Appetite' while an earlier post Scott said the Gods should be 'unknowable' While I get what he's saying about Gods should be able to have actual Stats listed in game...Something truly 'unknowable' can't really have a personality either...In some ways Kramah and Kilarah's Relationship seems like a gender reversed version of Zeus and Hera
    • Yes, many ways you are correct! While I don't want there to be "stats" representing the Devah, I would certainly agree that various different stories about their amazing feats, heroic actions, and interesting antics abound throughout the world of Dárdünah. And yes, they could be as "racy" as the Lita and the Swan tale of ancient Greece on our world, as horrific as the tale of the titan Kronos devouring his children or Arachne being transformed into a spider, or as hilariously violent as the tales of drunken Thor...

      For the sake of people's individual campaigns, their GMs should feel free to come up with all sorts of tales pertaining to the Devah if the idea is to create context for adventure scenarios... Most of these tales, much like the Fables of Aesop, existed to provide some kind of "life's lesson" or ethical point, using the Devah and their godly foibles, deeds, and mishaps, to illustrate those points in a "larger-than-life" manner...

      I can promise you that as we begin fully fleshing out the World Guide next year, we will be adding snippets of such tales here and their as we talk about various regional cultures, societies, and religion in general...