a question about natural weapons

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    • a question about natural weapons

      I have a question about natural weapons. I have a viper pc playing in my campaign. Is there a limit to how much he can use his venom per day? I'm sure eventually I will have more players who want characters with natural weapons too. Porcupines with quills, for example. There are no stats in the book that I can find for quill damage.

      How do I know how much or how often consumable type of weapons (venom, quills, etc) can be used? Thanks for any help anyone can offer!
    • RE: a question about natural weapons

      As ReaperWolf said, great questions!

      We chose not to limit the use of Venom in the rules as we did with the limitations on the number of times Musk Spray can be used since we made a general call that Musk Spray required a MUCH larger amount of fluid to be effective than would be required to cause damage with Venom.

      However, if you are worried about the use of Venom being abused in your game, using ReaperWolf's suggestions, which is very much like the restriction used for Musk Spray) is a perfectly acceptable way to do so... Or you could borrow the restriction in the Musk Spray description as-is, and simply apply that to Venom use as well...

      As far as how often the Spines Animal Ability can be used, we totally decided to avoid putting ANY limitation on those, since we figured that, though spines and quills really don't regenerate anywhere near as quickly as venom and musk would, Zoics equipped with Spines would have a lot of them, and would probably rarely be called upon to make use of them, much like their real counterparts in the wild, which indicated to us that, for simplicity's sake, we should just assume that the player always sports enough spines to use them whenever they need to, and doesn't really need to worry about the little details like how many get used each time, when they run out, etcetera... Only if the players REALLY start to abuse Spines should you consider making them regret it by saying their character eventually becomes totally naked of their quills (which would be a hilarious lesson, by the way...)...

      As far as the damage using Spines (the Animal Ability) causes, the description of Spines, and its effects and damage, can be found on page 109 in the Basic Compendium... Though being skewered by spines and quills is not meant to be immediately deadly (the use of Spines only causes piercing [Fatal category] damage equal to a damage level for every success rolled when attempting it, minus the target's armor rating), but, as described, can cause severe irritation and potentially infection if allowed to remain in the wound for a prolonged period of time...

      Hopefully all of this info helps!

      Scottie ^^