Current names (.ini) file for the Names Generator (for common names)

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    • Current names (.ini) file for the Names Generator (for common names)

      From time to time I may update the file from which the Names Generator program chooses the word-pieces it uses to assemble names (for instance,..THIS current one includes all the additional bits to potentially make Persis and Khambatta) ;). If I do,..I'll put it right here (substituting the older one each time I do), for you to download!

      All you have to do is save this file into the "Program Files\Dárdünah Name Generator" folder (or wherver you installed the program), over-writing the old names.ini file in the process. The program you have, already installed, will then begin using the new file without any further ado.

      Somewhere down along the line, in the future, I intend on providing other names.ini files in the downloadable area that might include more specific word-bits, such as those used to create specifically "northern" more sarpah-sounding names, or perhaps Hardazi names, or perhaps "western" paksin-sounding names, etc...

      All things are possible! :D

      Scottie ^^
      • names.ini

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