Marooned Yatra in the works...

      Marooned Yatra in the works...

      Greetings fellow travelers!

      I'm pleased to announce that my Yatra (voyage or journey) has been accepted by Scott and will see publication sometime soon.

      I've already seen the preliminary layout and it looks great! I've submitted a map of the island locale and once it's done the finished adventure will be posted here gratis. I hope to provide additional Yatras in the months to come.

      Thanks to Scott and Aaron for their continued support and guidance.

      Stay tuned!

      The characters had been captured/kidnapped by Shard's equivalent of Captain Nemo -- a janah whose great ambition was to sail across the gap between the shards. After many weeks, he freed them and sent a crew member along with them (all his crew were from the Loruh, sort of equivalent to all of Captain Nemo's crew being from some unknown tribe, and they were fanatically loyal). There were three badger brothers who drew straws to see who would go with them -- the loser stayed with the characters, while the others accompanied the captain on his crazy and most likely (almost certainly) doomed adventure. Storm came up, they crashed on the island, and the adventure took place mostly as you wrote it.

      Afterwards, they went up on the mountain to see what the ruins were -- I decided that these had been built by forerunners of the tribe, who had been slaves to other Paksin who were flying types. The flying Paksin had a monastery, and in the depths of the mountains they did strange magical experiments on the native spiders. They were trying to magically stimulate them to grow wings. This was extremely painful to the spiders, who developed intelligence through the repeated exposure to magic. The slaves/servants of the winged Paksin revolted and slew their masters when they discovered what had been going on. The winged spiders retreated into the mountain caves to live. When the characters discovered them, they were at first suspicious, but then tried to speak with them in dreams. They wanted their help -- there were fewer and fewer babies being born. They tried very hard to get the sir'hibas to stay, but in the end, he would not, and there was a bit of a tussle as the characters made their way to daylight.

      Then the Klin discovered them and took them to Klinrah, since this was one of the islands they patrolled and they had detected the dream magic.

      Ok that was way longer than it should have been... it was a great adventure, and it wouldn't have happened without your inspirational yatra!