Gluttony Roleplaying

      Gluttony Roleplaying

      I am a person who probobly suffers from the Gluttony drawback in real life, I am constantly thinking about food, often if I don't feel absolutely stuffed I feel like I'm hungry. (One time I was so stuffed from lunch I didn't need supper was after pigging out at an Indian Buffet) I am overweight but thankfully I'm nowhere near morbidly obese thanks to the fact I walk so much

      (I can't drive so if I want to get somewhere it's either walk or public transportation)

      On Furaffinity looking through a Member Psion's Anthro Superhero Characters one of them a Raccoon Supervillainess 'Mistress Moon' is an Obese (Yeah...Psion is a fat fur fetishist) Gravity themed villain with one of her weaknesses being she is ruled by Gluttony and can be easily bribed with a delectable or decadent meal

      I'm imagining a particularly gluttonous Rogue character who can easily bribed with with luxurious food maybe known as 'The Sweet Mercenary' because he is most easily bribed with something sweet
      Roleplaying any of the drawbacks can be a great source of fun, especially if the GM has planned ahead and includes drawbacks as part of the plot. I don't know if character with a gluttony drawback could so much be bribed by a big fancy meal.

      In the role of GM, I'd use the failure of a character in resisting their gluttony drawback to give extra dice to someone making a persuasion roll. In a more direct way, I'd use a character's gluttony against them by setting a trap with it. In espionage there's a the honeypot trap where sexual temptation comes into play. A gluttonous character might be seduced by an actual pot of honey. :)

      As a player, if I knew an NPC I needed to distract was an infamous glutton with low will power, then I'd be sure to have a basket of delectable treats. That should allow me to pull the guard away from his post while my comrades sneak past.

      All this being said, I don't think its a good idea to ease Drawbacks as a hammer to bludgeon your players with as much as a tool for storytelling that makes everyone enjoy the ride, even if they succumb to their drawback.