Integrating the animal

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    • Integrating the animal

      What kinds of things do you players out there do to reflect you're playing a certain type of Zoic?

      In my own writing and art endeavors that involve anthropomorphic animals, I try and integrate as much of the animal's bestial natures into the mannerisms and behaviors without getting too silly. There are some short cuts I use that I guess you could kind of call "tics". These can certainly apply to on-fly role-playing. Make a list of the more animal-like things your character would do and now and then glance at that list.

      Some are easy. If you're playing a small cat, you can drescribe your character as purring happily at the good news they received. When something frightens you, you might say your character jumps backward, hissing at the sudden surprise.

      So what kind of tics does your character have? What mannerisms do you think you can add that aid in the vividness of the RP?
    • Well as I've stated before I haven't gotten a chance the RP an Anthro Animal mostly because no one wants to, everyone I know just wants to RP Humans,Elves Dwarves the usual

      In my my anthropomorphic fiction, my characters are more bestial then the Zoics of Shard and can alternate between walking bipedal of quadrupedal on a whim often a character my causal scratch his ear with his hind foot and like to eat their food by sticking their face into the bowl much to the chagrin of any humans who happen to be watching

      so yeah my fiction is a tad more on the screwball side
    • Well...This is something I have been thinking about for a while, I might as well post it here.

      Does anyone remember watching Muppet Babies growing up? Show of hands? Well a few years ago I was looking at the TV Tropes Page 'Pounds are Animal Prisons' which is the trope in which Pounds and Zoos are treated like prisons for Animals, the Page described the Muppet Babies episode in which Rowlf thought zoos were Prisons for Animals but Nanny helped teach how zoos were important to the preservation of Animal Life, I was like...Huh don't remember that episode so I watched it and several of the Muppets have fantasy sequences based around their favorite Animals Piggy, Skeeter Fozzie and Scooter like Flamingos, Chimpanzees, Hyenas and Zebras respectively Gonzo's fantasy is started when he fears he might be an endangered species he speculates if he is an Anteater but decides he isn't because he can't stomach the thought of eating ants.

      So that prompted me to create Anthro Characters based on the Species highlighted in that episode Flamingo, Chimpanzee, Spotted Hyena, Zebra and Giant Anteater...This was years before I discovered Shard this was for a Ninja Turtles Fanfic, but I was thinking about making a Muppet Babies inspired Shard Story, with young cubs who have extremely powerful imaginations they think they are having adventures in their own minds in actuality they going into the dream and defeating demons, they are magical prodigies!

      So...For species Flamingo, Chimp, Hyena, Zebra and Anteater? What are those species known for? By the way...So looking forward to when we get the rest of the Species Templates in Magic and Martial Arts