Could Shard be a Movie/TV Series?

      Could Shard be a Movie/TV Series?

      OK this is a question I've been thinking about, Dungeons & Dragons got a feature film in 2000 before that it was fairly beloved cult classic Cartoon Series in the 80s. As of late film has been trying to take more seriously adaptations of video games, I've seen the Trailer for the upcoming Sly Cooper movie and I can see that they are trying to be as respectful as possible to the source material but that may be helped by the fact that video games these days are easier adapt then they were in the 8-bit era

      I would like to know the creator's thoughts, if someone showed a genuine interest in giving the World of Dardunah a movie of its own, perhaps as a way of introducing Dardunah and the Janah to a wider audience, and suppose the filmmakers intended to be as faithful to the source marital as possible would you guys find the idea palatable?
      I, for one, would be delighted if a film studio took interest in the intellectual property of Shard, and would LOVE to see it eventually reach the screen! Andrew and I are already talking about eventual books, and, of course, seeing it become a video game at some point... Of course, all of this hinges upon getting the "backbone" out there, which to me are the three core books at least, along with enough supplemental support material to make the world feel as "fully-fleshed" as possible!

      It's a shame that fate conspired to delay that process for a number of years... Even now Andrew and I are scrambling to rebuild that momentum! Hopefully the publishing of the Magic and Martial Arts book will help! To me, however,'s the World Guide that will really fill in a lot of the blanks as far as fictional content goes...
      I'd be happy for an animated series. While 3D CGI can do the most amazing things now at insane frame rates and super details, I'd love to see some animation from a studio like Bones (Cowboy Bepbop the movie, Space Dandy) or even Studio Ghibili. I think 2D anime could really do both the environmentals, the characters and high flying martial arts in a way that 3D or live action can't as cost effectively do.
      The reason I asked is I know someone who works in the movie industry...I thought about telling him about Shard, Telling him I'm a member of this forum directing him to the website so he could talk to you guys directly, his name is Mark, Pizza Parlor Owner by day screenplay writer by night (No joke he has this Pizza Place near my Dad's Workplace)
      Oh my gosh! I think i just had a minor moment of dizziness caused from extreme excitement!! Shard would totally make an awesome animation, and I have recently found myself thinking about this very same idea after movies such as Zootopia which did an excellent job at showing how anthropomorphic characters can, in some cases , have just as much, if not more, emotion, impact, depth, and range as their human counterparts. Let's keep our fingers crossed that we are able to make the contacts needed to push this idea into a concrete reality.

      Thank you for both the support and suggestions, and I cannot wait to hear more regarding where this could lead.
      That had me thinking, if Shard was to made into a movie...What would the plot be? Who/what would be the main characters? Would the Plot be set in what is the PCs' time or considering the Twilight Wars are such a pivotal point in Dardunah's History could the Movie simply tell the story of the Twilight Wars?
      Man that truly is a million dollar question.... I am hard pressed to choose which one I would vote to be the first of a series.... All the games we have played have each been so amazing that this.... would be more difficult than choosing only one friend to live while all the rest died....(LOL)
      I will say that the Twilight Wars would certainly be grrrrrreeeeat on the big screen!
      The Twilight Wars would certainly be epic, no doubt... Unfortunately, it could also end up like War and Peace... Most likely, a storyline for a film would need to be more personal in nature, covering something that could be considered "grand" but at the same time dealing with heroes that can be focused on in a very individual way (in the same way that the movie "Willow", regardless of the fact that it dealt with many peoples, kingdoms, large battles and such, was at the end of the day the somewhat personal tale of Willow himself, and the close companions and personal enemies he meets along the way.)...
      One thing I thought about when considering the species of protagonist, I felt if I wasn't in control of the movie then someone would craft the lead protagonist as a Wolf, a Fox of some kind of Feline, once again I don't have anything against these species, but I feel everyone thinks of a canine or feline when they want an Anthro Action Hero, and I thought even if we have a small team of heroes, wouldn't it be refreshing if the leading man or lady was an Ungulate like a Deer or Antelope or a non raptor bird like a Songbird or Parrot or Waterfowl.

      I felt since the the Sarpah worship Nagamissa which really gets under everyone else's fur or feathers then a Sarpah shouldn't be the perspective character since that mainstream culture is what we should view first
      Shifting from the Story and Character angles to imagining what it would look like, while the source book illustrations give the Zoics photorealistic Animal Heads, if this were to be an actual animation, I feel the Zoic Faces would need to become a bit more 'stylized' for the sake of expression while the basic principles like 'No styleable human-type scalp hair' would be kept in place I feel simply of the necessity for the Characters to be able to convey human-like emotions to the audience the Zoics might be given 'human type eyes' with white sclera with a few exception with Felines and Reptiles because they have 'cool eyes' also photorealism in general would be sacrificed so the characters can have expressive faces to smile, frown generally emote because it is visual medium