Dardunah Cuisine

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    • In my games I have always used dishes regional to different cultures that corresponded to the World Guide's entry for that nation. Resulting in my player's character eating dishes like Kebabs of mint-rubbed, turmeric and nut crusted buthan, with a Köfte, vegetable dishes such as a courgette with minced meat, meze and a Turkish specialty called 'mantı' which is basically folded triangles of dough containing minced meat. Almost like a Samosa.

      Incidentally, with no mammals, I have always assumed there were no cream or yogurt accompaniments, like Raita or that cubey cheese that's in Sag Paneer in Indian quisine.

      I remember some tea-house meals in more asiatic nations that featured a Bi Bim Kook Soo. Which on Earth is a korean cold-served noodle dish that is GREAT in hot weather. Often made with rice noodles. Which would logically have a common analog in Dárdünah. Served in the hot, more equatorial regions.

      I like to look for dishes with exotic names that make them seem alien and mysterious. Even staples like baba ghanoush and Hummus, Felafels of interesting made-up ingredients and so on. I have used dishes like tabbouleh, and mutabbal and Kibbeh in order to foster an air of foreign fantasy in my setting.

      Heck, grab a Thai Restaurant menu and pick nearly anything, I say! It will sound like the product of a world far, far away! :)
      "Daggra" means "Enemy" in Tibetan.
      "Chora" means "Thief" in Sanskrit.
    • Excellent!!! Both of you, I agree that their would be a suthra which would produce a type of milk for the many different sauces offered on the world itself, and I also agree with Ghorum's idea of drawing from examples in our own world based on the cultural paradigms of the area in the SHARD RPG world... this is one of the things I believe we secretly hoped would happen in that it brings an opportunity to explore aspects of other cultures and cultivate the exchange of many nationalities contributions to the world as a whole...
    • And, of course, don't forget the amazing dishes of India to use as inspiration!!! Ghorüm suggested a few of these,...and there are SO MANY more to explore and blend with the exotic insect elements of the Shard game... Add to that some freaky live delicacies just to gross-out your players from time to time (slimy, yet satisfying!), and you can really create some fun moments in-game....

      Though a lot of this should be left up to the GM and the players' imaginations in general, Andrew and I hope to touch upon culinary delicacies a bit more in the "World Guide", and perhaps some modules and Travelers' Guide supplements to follow....

      Scottie ^^
    • Another thing I like to do often is simply mix the idea of two different fruit or vegetable combinations there by creating new and exotic hybrid options... for example I might say that there is a melon being served which is red like an apple but has a green center like a honey dew melon with a large seed in the middle like a peach and when you taste it you discover it actually is.... if you can imagine a combination of all these flavors and textures... this allows the players to use the power of their own imagination to do much of the creative work for you. By simply giving them gentle clues and guidance any number of unique and exciting delicacies could be invented...
    • Tonight I am feeling particularly ravenous a craving for something I'm not sure what...I guess to calm my hunger I'll restart this topic, Comfort Food as a term has only existed since the late 20th century but the concept has probobly existed ever since we had brains sophisticated enough to worry about things continuously instead of simply dealing with dangers as they appear like Antelope and Gazelles do when predators appear
    • Yes, comfort foods of all types and varieties can be found upon the world of SHARD, some would be specifically tailored to certain animal types like snakes for example. I could easily imagine a desert which possessed a smell which would only be able to be tasted by a serpent with the ability to taste the air, there by preventing others who lacked this ability from gaining the full effect of the desert. Also particular animal types have dietary restrictions such as hummingbirds and their need to have exceptionally sweet foods in order to feed the specialized needs of the bodies they occupy. The same could be said for vultures and the pleasure they take from eating rotting foods. All these things should be considered when creating new and exciting edibles for a world with such a diverse population.
      Some of these needs would produce entire industries dedicated to the production and the sell of such commodities, for where there is a market the product will be made available by those who desire to turn a tidy profit by fulfilling such exotic needs.
    • I'm imaging a scene for 'Revenants' in which Si'Ni discovers a genuine honeymelon that has come to Earth (Probably a Gardener or Farmer was holding it when he/she got abducted) Si'Ni sheds tears of patriotic happiness to finally get to eat a piece of Dardunah Cuisine after days of having to eat Earth Food (Which isn't to say she hasn't found some of the foods palatable and delicious, she has been amazed by pasta with tomato sauce and strawberry slushies, but eating earth foods can be treacherous...How Si'Ni copes with the knowledge of Humans eating unevolved Janah Animals and that Pigs like herself are a favorite food of Humans...That will be dealt in the story but suffice to say she does find inner peace on the subject due to certain plot specific events She has to be very careful to avoid 'Gustatory Dishonor' because there are 'dead Janah' in places you don't expect (I had to Google if Twinkies are Vegan, they aren't they contain beef fat) But happy to finally share a bit of Dardunah's Cuisine with her new found friends she eagerly shares the honeymelon (Massive part of Si'Ni's character development will be her becoming less gluttonous and more generous as she discovers real friendship for the first time) The Two Ninja Turtles available at the Leo and Mikey have wildly different reactions Leo thinks it is disgustingly sweet Mikey thinks its just fine