Hropa and his Mate

      Hropa and his Mate

      Hropa, one of the few Devah whose name I can consistently remember how to spell. Hropa seems to be a reasonably prominent Devah as he is mentioned early along with Kramah and Kilarah one of the things I find fascinating about Hropa is his chosen mate is outside his Vajrah type, Hropa is portrayed normally as a Walrus or sometimes by an Otter or Sea Lion, but his mate (Sorry I can't spell it at this moment) Is specifically noted to ALWAYS be a Sarpah and this opens up a whole bunch of questions, we know Vajrah, Paksin and Sarpah can all breed with the racial type, how common are these cross couplings?
      I feel like Hropa, his Water Snake mate, the Monkey God of Luck (Once again feeling to lazy to look up how to spell the names) and the Falcon God of the Sky are like the overlooked middle siblings of the Devah aren't as central as Kramah and Kilarah who were the canonical favorites of Great Mama and Papa but also wasn't completely crazy and evil like Cobra Satan Lady
      Good questions!!! In regards to the Devah, we must always keep in mind the fact that , they can assume any form they wish but often have preferred forms they happen to tend towards which represent some aspect of their divinity, and as divinity they are able to do things which would require special circumstances to be duplicated by mortal beings...
      To answer the question you asked regarding Hropa, in the back of the book on page 313 it goes a little further to say specifically,..... " other aquatic animals are common"..... this could mean any number of sarpah such as frogs, water snakes as well as turtles and any other AQUATIC (meaning: living or found in or around water) animal form which is as comfortable in the water as on land. What this means is that he could and would be able to assume a form compatible to his mate for the purposes of reproduction.However it should also be noted that ALL of the animal types in this world are able to be sexual with one another, regardless of the race, however producing offspring with those not of the same jenu would require the use of powerful magic as well as possibly the sanctioning of a priest...
      so these things are not impossible for mortals to accomplish but would be rare and dependent upon the resources and advantages possessed by the individual in question as well as the will of the Devah.

      Regarding the fiction for the other Devah, and the roles they play in the eyes of the janah, In certain regions of the world the others have as much if not more influence upon the daily lives of those who live within the area they are worshiped with in... for example among the Paksin nations expect to see and hear much more regarding Kirah the God of the sky, and amongst many Prthivinia can be found to be worshiped anywhere food is produced. Kramah and Kilarah have their place presiding over the important arena of combat and magic, but what good would those things truly be with out the many gifts of luck, the sea, the earth and the sky?

      In the upcoming World Guide, there will be much much more for you to consider regarding the ways of the inhabitants of this world , rest assured you will not be disappointed...


      One question that struck me reading the History of Jenu, specifically, the Devah War, the Massive Spat the Devah had that resulted in nearly all of them being called back to heaven, the notion that struck me was it seemed it was every Devah fighting against every other Devah...Does that mean Hropa was fighting his mate?Or were they fighting together?