Cross-Species Couple and Playing Against Stereotype

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    • Cross-Species Couple and Playing Against Stereotype

      This was a thought I had about Different Jenu couplings and the possible role play scenarios of playing against Zoic type personality wise...

      Thinking about various 'personality disorders' had by various Zoics.

      This scenario I thought about, the Wolverine is probobly the most aggressive Vajrah Type most people can think of, the Book even says 'Don't be surprised when people expect your wolverine character to be surly and bad tempered' by contrast the Lapine Zoics has an opposite suggested personality disorder 'Overly kind hearted'

      So...Suppose we have two siblings, one a Wolverine the Other a Hare, they aren't Mutants with physical features of the other species but...They do have the other species personality disorders, the Wolverine is the overly kindhearted softie and the Hare is the short tempered and brusque brute!

      Wouldn't that throw everyone for a loop?
    • Indeed! That's a fun idea,...and that falls into the category of "opposites" that can be so compelling when playing other similar characters, such as a "cowardly lion" for example... As always when discussing such options make sure the GM is on board with that kind of thing, so that they can help you find ways to incorporate it into their campaign in the most fun, compelling way possible!

      Scottie ^^
    • Well with any luck that is about to change with the release of these next two books! and soon you will have to pick and choose who you have time to play with as the wild fire catches on and people see how truly wonderful this game actually is.... We welcome you to tell your friends about us and direct them to this forum for any questions or suggestions they may have...
    • <p>The idea of the 'Killer Rabbit' has been a hilarious subverstion since at least Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Reptiles being Villainous is such an ingrained trope that I suspect it is part of the reason the Sarpah traveled north and caused the great divide between Sarpah and Vajrah/Paksin that can still be felt to this day.</p>

      <p>So one thing I have been thinking about is having a villain and I mean a really dangerous villain be a Jenu that is normally believed to be harmless like a Rabbit, a Hamster, a Mouse (Rats aen't considered harmless) Or for Paksin a Songbird or Waterfowl like a Duck or Goose (Ducks in Animation are often Jerks like Donald or Daffy but rarely actually dangerous) Or among the soon to be coming species in the next book a harmless wading bird like a Sandpiper.</p>

      <p>While she isn't truly a 'villain' (She reforms at the end of the third story) My character Eleanor Capra a Mutant Sheep (A Farm Sheep not one of the badass looking wild species) Is uite antaganistic to the Turtles and while a Villianous Black Mamba acting as her advisor did feed her many deceptions that led Eleanor to make the decsions she did Eleanor herself is still an incredibly dangerous Mutant beinng incredibly large and strong (She was designed to like a Wooly Tank) She has the psionic abilities of telepathey, hypnotic suggestion (Those this only works on the weak willed/intoxicated) And she has bio-manipulation Pain which gives her the ability to strike to nervous system directly with her mind. But beyond that she is clearly a charismatic leader able to convince the Wild Mutants the Turtles are traitors to the Mutant Race for not agreeing to her plan of waging war on humanity</p>

      <p>It follows with the same irony that led to the TMNT's creation, the orginal joke being that no one would suspect a Turtle of being an acrobatic ninja and no one suspect a Sheep the Animal most assumed to be a gullible follower to be a charismattic leader</p>
    • I would say to wait until the new MAGIC AND MARTIAL ARTS GUIDE is published and get a copy of it to add to the BASIC COMPENDIUM you have already gotten because that book will give you a number of options for martial arts which will make it easier for you to build a character with similar skills and powers. Although we have not included the ability to do direct physical damage with one's mind, there are a number of ESSENCE based styles which might produce almost magical effects, as well as a number of styles which have specialized nerve strikes capable of causing extreme pain upon the target if the attach is able to overcome the defenses of the target.... The new book is so close to hitting the shelves I can almost taste it!!!! and I am sure you will love, Love, LOVE IT!!!