Speculation About the New Jenu Templates

      Speculation About the New Jenu Templates

      This is a thread for guessing what will be features for the 90 new Janah Templates Coming with Magic and Martial Arts we've already seen one which I requested (Thanks by the way :) )

      Here is where anyone can educated guess what they think will be the traits and/or stereotypes of the new animal species

      Some are no-brainers OF COURSE Beavers are gonna be stereotypes as hard workers and industrious and OF COURSE Camels and Llamas will have a drawback revolving around a stereotypical bad temper.

      Some I'm not as sure of...Will Hedgehogs have 'prickly' tempers? Are Koalas gonna have the drawback of being a slow witted race? Roadrunners and Woodpeckers have the most famous stereotypes from Golden Age of Animation Cartoons I'm fairly certain Dardunah Roadrunners don't run around saying Beep Beep!

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      One thing I like about Shard is the ability to choose an Animal based upon how closely the species stereotype is to your own, of course most of the time this requires looking at the drawbacks (Most often personality disorders) To feel which Zoic you would be if you really were a Zoic

      Of course you could always play against stereotype but sometimes when you struggle to choose which Animal you want to be because like me you're horribly indecisive choosing by personality quirks can help slim down the choices
      Hopefully you fine folks will enjoy the mix of traits for all the new Zoics... We've tried to base them both on actual science (when possible) as well as a blending of iconic archetypes established in popular tales and media (which would have informed the psyche behind the forces that transformed them into Zoics in the first place)...
      We are finishing up the last of the art work even now and trust me when I say you will be more than pleased with what you see.... Both Scott and Andrew have taken on new artists to ensure that not only is the quality maintained through out this process but that subtle differences in style are introduced while keeping everything consistent, so the best advice I can give is to "buckle up" because you are about to go supersonic with new and exciting visuals and fiction!

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      The anticipation is just killing me! Has any art been finished since you last informed us of the current state of progress?

      Yes indeed! We are now down to three pieces of art we're currently waiting on from other artists, and then a small handful I'm in the middle of touching up wile preparing for them to get implanted into the final document!

      We're so close!
      I feel the same way!!!!! Even though, I know its only a short matter of time before I have my New book along with a new set of dice and a few of the other items for good measure I am practically dying with the anticipation of the upcoming conversations we will have once the products hit the shelves!