Real places to inspire: Crescent Lake Oasis

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    • Real places to inspire: Crescent Lake Oasis

      "All around us we saw tier on tier of lofty sand-hills, giving the lie to our quest, yet when, with a final desperate effort, we hoisted ourselves over the last ridge and looked down on what lay beyond, we saw the lake below, and its beauty was entrancing." - Mildred Cable with Francesca French, The Gobi Desert

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      Also known as Yueyaquan, you can find the Crescent Lake Oasis within China's Genshu province. The tiny lake spring fed lake is approximately 715ft (218m) long from east to west and 177ft (54m) wide from north to south. Some records indicate that it has served weary, thirsty desert travelers for the past 200 years.

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      One can easily imagine this place as a hidden, emerald jewel within the depths of the Red Desert that only a handful know the location of. It could be a secret monastery that houses an long forgotten heretical order whose Elder Mángai are guilty of great depths of evil nearly always visited upon unsuspecting and accidental visitors. Perhaps it is the home of a powerful Sirhibasi whose summoned servants terrify even the bravest desert raiders. Will she help you or feed you to foul things from the swirling hells? The small lake is an ideal place for skyships to land. It could be a neutral place among competing crystal corsairs and skypirates where they trade goods amongst themselves and select buyers who have come a very long way. Maybe this oasis is abandoned--empty not because of the Scourge or lesser scoundrels but for appetites of hungry ghosts. Can you find the source of the curse and free the truly lost souls before your flesh is devoured? Adventure, sorrow, and salvation await deep amongst the crimson dunes. What lays beyond?

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    • griffin wrote:

      This is so amazing I cannot believe it actually exists in our world... I could easily see many different adventures centered around this location...
      If you do not mind I may write some mini adventures for some of these locations to be posted at a later date...

      I very much hope you and others do. I have a dozen more of these to post and the purpose is to inspire GM's. What's very handy with many of the places that I'll post is that you can find loads of images of them online to share with players to aid in visualizing the location.
    • Coolness! Then I am all about getting some little mini adventures ready and posted on this forum so that new GAME MASTERS can take advantage of adventure modules that require little to no fore thought and will allow them to use their imaginations to merely add layers of creativity to what's already written. In the past this is one of the things I loved about modules, the fact that it allowed me to use my creativity to add layers of complexity to the NPC'S to such a degree that people have often wanted to revisit the NPC at a later date in the game.