Literature in Dardunah

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    • Oh, absolutely!!! In the same way that tales like Sinbad and other heroes are popular in many cultures so it would be with the world of SHARD, the stories could include real or fictional characters and extend to a wide range of topics. Including local tales, ghost stories, romantic fantasy, and tales related to all the skills listed in the Basic Compendium, ( in many cases when a skill check is made to determine if a character knows about a skill they may be drawing from both direct knowledge or something they may have read or heard which could pertain to the skill in question, I would say that in these cases one might consider the Difficulty Modifier Table on page 34 of the Basic Compendium and apply these modifiers to the dice roll to determine if the character has direct knowledge or not.... If they are able to roll a full success then it is fairly safe to assume they have either direct or first hand knowledge, however if they only roll a partial success the information they are able to recall could be from word of mouth which would leave a measure of uncertainty in the way that all legends do... but this is a fantastic way to allow a GAME MASTER the ability to give characters all sorts of information based upon legends and local stories and tales which could help to slowly draw players into the story's plot and make them feel more involved in the fiction of the game.... In much the same way that we have many different tales and legends in our current world which vary from culture to culture and overlap in areas so would it be in the WORLD OF THE FALSE DAWN...
    • OK so this was an idea in thinking about my Sow Character Si'Ni, as someone who hasn't become an actual storyteller yet due to her social awkwardness but very much likes to compose her own stories, thinking about my own life and the weird tales I've dreamed up but never wrote down, I imagine during her 'down time' Si'Ni has written in what amounts to her own 'personal diary' some what are essentially 'revenge fics' to entertain herself

      I imagined a prominent ongoing story she writes for herself is the tale of a Lizard Sunborn Noblewomen who suffered a costly fall from grace became a common harlot and at the current state of the story is suffering from a nasty case of 'the pox' so I can easily imagine my trade caste heroine was insulted by a Sunborn Woman after another social gaffe Si'Ni couldn't take direct revenge so she settles for writing the Lizard getting knocked off high Chianti and suffering more and more misfortunes

      Believe when I was a teenager I had quite the morbid imagination so I was simply imagining how the stories I made back then would be translated through the Dardunah lense
    • This whole thing reminded me of the scene in the GAME OF THRONES were the theater group was making fun of the death of the young king and the queens sorrows!
      I could easily see these things being done in the world of SHARD, keeping in mind that intrigue would designate you be prepared to deal with any blow back from being associated with the tarnishing of the name of a noble house's reputation or possibly dishonoring them by not making the source of the fantastical material difficult to trace. After all I would not want you to be challenged to a dual versus the houses honor guard in one of the public spiral arenas or worse targeted by a band of cut throats.... Then again excitement and twists and turns are what we all tune into the game for and this certainly has all the ingredients for a good GAME MASTER to use as momentum to weave an interesting tale with many layers of characters feelings and pain, which always makes any concept more concrete and convincing... I would so love to hear how this is handled by you and the GAME MASTER. Speaking of which, do you have a group that you regularly play with and if not would you like to brain storm on how to put together a group in your local area who would also like to enjoy the game in the same way that you do? For a few of us who live in rural areas this has been some times been more challenging than what we were used to in our core group. Are there local hobby stores near you and a community of game minded individuals you are able to access on a regular basis? Let me know and we can work together to make sure that you have the opportunity to play out some of the wonderful ideas you have put forward on this forum as it would be a real shame for a creative mind like your own to not be given an area to manifest and share with others!
    • I have a Hobby Place comic book store/game place called Emerald Knights the trouble was no one wanted to play Anthro Animals with me, when I tried to play TMNT/After the Bomb the most I could do was coax people into the random character generation every Wednesday is D&D Night for Emerald Knights and the only other games they seemed to be interested in was Warhammer or Cyberpunk 20/20 which I managed to play an Anthro-Type character because of 'Exotics' Humans who plastic surgery themselves into Animal Like Forms...I played a Sexy Lobster Reporter Girl!

      But with everyone I talked to who played tabletop RPGs they seemed totally uniterested in playing Anthro Animals and I don't own any Shard Books yet I had previously been reading the PDF from 4shared
    • Oh, so what we need to do is work on getting you the books to begin with and after that we can start to actually show those people what they are missing out on! It can be exceedingly difficult to convince people to play a game when you do not have the books because they need something concrete to reference regarding rules, not to mention the fact that for myself the artwork presented in most RPG'S actually does most of the selling for the game itself which is why we have taken extra measures this time around to present in the best way possible...
      The best way to interest people in the game of SHARD is to run one of the modules we have available in this forum and focus on the storytelling aspects of the module, by which I mean take the extra measures needed to have the players become invested in the characters they are portraying. A great way to add more layers to the pre generated characters which come with the module is to cut from the current scene of the adventure and deal with some aspect of the characters past, this gives the players a cameo in the spotlight and provides depth to the fiction surrounding the characters themselves.
      Lastly reading up on other cultural paradigms which mirror those presented in this game gives you an advantage when painting a scene which will make the players imaginations practically explode with ideas of what is possible in this unique universe. For those who have a soft spot for different settings this game truly does have it all.... and making references like the similarities it shares with the book/movies DUNE, GAME OF THRONES, CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON, SINBAD AND MANY MANY OTHERS is another excellent way to capture the interest of a potential player... I am sure there are other ways to drum up some interests in your neck of the woods also we just need to work together to find a solution which is comfortable to you and effective for those we are attempting to attract to form your core group, once you have the core group formed and start to truly enjoy the game the others will naturally want to join in on the fun you will be having and that is when you will have no trouble finding people willing to take a seat and join the game....
      I think I would be of more help if I were able to ask you a few questions regarding the community that you live in, and based on these answers I may be able to provide some ideas which will be useful in recruiting players interested in anthropomorphic games such as SHARD...
      Are you a GAME MASTER by any chance? What is the population like where you live? What are the general age ranges which frequent the hobby store? What's the income level like? Is this a rural community or more urban? What do you think makes most of them so interested in WAR HAMMER AND CYBER PUNK? Does the hobby shop provide free WIFI? Do you have a lap top?
      Please get back to me with the answers to these questions and we will tackle this challenge together...
      Looking forward to helping create a game group there so that you will be able to enjoy the game you so obviously love in your own community and I will so every thing in my power to make it a reality!
    • I live in Burbank California and because of my disability I'm conserved by my parents so...I am free to have occasional trips around town like to go to Emerald Knights but my folks wouldn't let me go to another state just to play a game, I live in you know nice suburban area I actually live pretty close to the Disney Studio in Burbank like it's within walking distance of my house

      I have a Laptop but I would never take it to Emerald Knights because it's got too much important stuff in it that I won't take the risk of someone spilling soda into it

      As for why most of the Regulars at Emerald Knights don't want to play Anthro Animals well it all boils down to the stigma against the Furry Fandom they aren't interested in playing Anthros because FURRIES ARE PERVERTS

      Only a few of the Older Veteran Gents have played TMNT/After the Bomb and they said they hate the Mechanics so maybe I can persuade the Old Gents to play Shard
    • Okay, well that just means we will have to find a way to perhaps connect you with a group of friends you may be able to play with over your computer using either a video chat or in the same way that the two of us are communicating... then you will be free to have regularly scheduled sessions with your group in which ever forum is the most easily accessible to each of the members of the group....
      How does that sound?
      It is unfortunate that so many people have the stigma that anything anthropomorphic must be perverted in some way.... as I can most assure you we have taken rather extreme measures to ensure that this game is age appropriate for all potential players and free of any content which could be seen as inappropriate to the general public...

      Worry not however, I am a firm believer that all good things come to us in time and I am certain as long as you have a desire to play SHARD and continue to make the effort, eventually the perfect way to engage with others will present itself in time...
    • Thinking more about non-Devah related stories Dardunah might have I'm wondering about what kind of fairy tales Janah might have for their children at bedtime.

      Re-watching the Brave Little Toaster (And remembering how much I love that movie) Thinking about the idea of 'the animated inanimate object' is not new in Japan they have a set of Mythological Creatures which are inanimate objects that come to life after existing for either one hundred or one thousand years
    • In Shard the stories adults might tell their young might be influenced by supernatural creatures and events such as Elementals or nature spirits. It might also involve ancient fables or tales designed to reinforce some aspect of social structures or natural processes such as the seasons or possibly even the rising and setting of the sun itself. Tales concerning the passing of family members into the shining edges of heaven to dance with the Great Mother and Father might also be popular, considering that with magic it might be possible to have an encounter while dreaming which allows one to receive messages from loved ones long since departed. These are just a few of the many topics which tales could be woven around upon the world of the false dawn.