Regular Water Boats

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    • Regular Water Boats

      A lot of focus is placed upon the Airships of Dardunah because 'Ooh! Boats that can fly! That's so magical and fairy tale like' I know I spent my childhood watching Disney's Peter Pan too but in the the Basic Compendium time and time again that regular water boats exist, probobly because if your fishers it's easier to catch fish when you're nearer to the water then 300 Miles above the water.

      But I was thinking, how many things can we do with regular water boats? I think I remember reading the Sea Turtle stats saying Sea Turtles prefer traveling by water...But even if you aren't an Aquatic Zoic I was thinking one might prefer a water boat if one happens to have acute acrophobia (Like myself...I don't like heights at all) And doesn't like the idea of being in the sky in an airship.

      Remembering note about which kinds of Zoics are most likely to have which kinds of fears? Wouldn't be hilarious is a flying Zoic had acrophobia? Like the had the ability to fly but they were too terrified to ever do it.
    • There most certainly are water vessels in this game,..... and if the truth were to be told, they would be more common than the Sky ships by a huge degree due to the expenses needed to acquire the Sky crystals needed to keep the air vessels afloat,.... Remember while crystal are common those which possess extra powers would be in high demand by the elite castes of the world leaving those beneath them to use the more mundane modes of travel... To own a Sky ship or any other ship in the world of SHARD it would first need to be purchased during character creation ( or later in game play) and one would need to spend the required amount of story points to have such a benefit.... so it is a rather big deal to have a Ship and an even bigger deal to possess a Sky Ship.. In much the same way that in our own world airplanes are pretty common but most of the normal people do not possess one, the same would be true on SHARD....Consider this..... Even once it was obtained..... then......a crew would be needed to operate the craft which could cost the character in many other ways, one possible way would be for the entire crew to be purchased as advantages as per the rules in the BASIC COMPENDIUM, that would be perhaps one of the more extravagant uses of story points I have ever seen but it is non the less possible to do... Otherwise one could buy the ADVANTAGE of WEALTH and use the coins the character possesses to hire, feed and care for a crew and pay them to perform the services needed to maintain the ship... as well as deal with other costs such as docking fees in large ports.
      Getting back to the water vessels, they would be common place upon all the oceans, seas and rivers of the world and would also come with certain obligations...
      Any time I think of ships to use in my fiction I look up some of the ships which have existed upon our world and make a few changes if needed before adopting them for my own story. There are great diagrams of ships available online and by using them I am able to have a ready vessel with minimal effort on my part as a GAME MASTER... any parts of the design you find which does not please you can always be altered or discarded for more game appropriate substitutes.
      Most people would pay a fare to be transported upon a ship belonging to someone else, but there are cases of pirates and wealthy merchants and nobles who have no need to travel aboard someone else's craft as the favor of THE DEVA, has smiled upon them and blessed them with the good fortune to have their very own vessels at hand....
      This conversation makes me also want to bring up the fact that there are also other ways to travel upon the airs and waters of this world. These include a variety of trained SUTHRA mounts which can be used to traverse vast distances provided they are well trained and tended properly... Once you get the book you can make yourself familiar with the ones that we have presented in the book or devise new and exciting creatures to serve specialized tasks using the handy table at the back of the book on page 326 which could be adopted to include creature instead of animal templates there by giving a step by step tutorial through the process which would need to be taken to allow you to create your own unique creatures... This is one of the features I truly love about the game of SHARD!!!!
      It allows the GAME MASTER a great deal of freedom that other game systems often simply DO NOT allow....
      So by all means allow your imagination to run free, just remember to use the rules provided to keep the essence of the game in proper order.