Domestic Devah

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    • Domestic Devah

      Something that was on my mind for a while...Domestic Animals share Dardunah with Wild Animals as we know...All the Devah we've been introduced to thus far are all based upon wild animals. Lion, Fox, Falcon, Walrus, Monkey, Snakes...In the Glossary with the Additional Devah not one is mentioned to have a Domestic Animal as a Primary or even Secondary Form

      While yes I know the game encourages you to make your own Devah...I would like to know if the creators have thought of a Devah who is based upon a domestic dog, cat or farm animal that an't be found in the wild?
    • I am happy that you asked this question in regards to the physical forms or avatars most often chosen by the DEVAH.
      The forms which the divine beings are inclined to manifest in is influenced by a number of different things...
      Firstly, they often assume a form which relates to the areas, attributes or dominions which they hold sway over,, and while they may have some favorites, they are not limited to these forms, as they will often choose others if the others would better suit the purpose for their appearance.
      The second thing to remember is that in the over all scope of the animal kingdom the animals which may be considered tame or domesticated is relatively small in contrast to the much larger group which are considered to be wild from our perspective here in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, even so those which we consider tame varies greatly from region to region, for example, Raccoons are not uncommon pets, nor are otters, weasels, ferrets, hawks, rabbits, snakes of many varieties, sugar gliders, mice, rats, ground hogs, hedge hogs, parrots, song birds, wolves, turtles, lizards of all types, as well as many other kinds of pets too numerous to name. Those i have listed are only the ones I have personally known someone to possess. ,It is also important to consider that in other countries a monkey is every bit as tame as a house cat and equally unpredictable, for example in BELIZE which is where my sister lived for over a decade it is not uncommon to have a pet monkey.
      So to answer your question.... from the perspective of the creators of the game of SHARD they have chosen to list only the most popular forms the deity's may choose without excluding any of the other possible forms which may suit the needs of the GOD in a particular circumstance, by doing this the goal is to highlights the attribute the DIVINITY is most closely aligned with rather than cause unintended confusion by being too vague when presenting examples of the fullest scope of the power at the DEVAH'S command. The choice to include the text regarding many other minor DEVAH being worshiped was not done lightly but rather to allow us to expand upon this limited list of DEVAH at a later date AND to allow players to invent minor divine persona within the scope of their own individual campaigns. these minor DEVAH could be one or more of the numerous offspring of the greater DEVAH and may have inspired a small group of worshipers upon the the world to continue to pay homage to them through worship, song, sacrifices and other ways, so long as they did so in a way which did not cause dishonor or negative affects related to the worship of the major religious orders in the region. Giving respect to the limited space available in the BASIC COMPENDIUM certain edits had to be made, with the understanding that the WORLD GUIDE would also be able to contain even more details about all the aspects of the world itself including the religions and the GOD'S which hold a place of great importance in the every day lives of all the children of the DEVAH through out the world of SHARD.
      I hope this explanation helps to explain why the choices were made by the creators of the game.
    • King of...I know a lot of wild animals are kept as pets, what I was referring to specifically was Animals that can't be found in the wild like Poodles, Pomeranian, Persian Cats, and Artificially Bred Farm Animals like Clydesdale Horses and Holstein Cattle I was merely asking if an Devah has been thought of by you guys who comes from a species derived from man's artificial section not natural selection
    • There is certainly freedom in the realm of SHARD for creative GAME MASTERS to add minor DEVAH which suit their own personal agenda's and the needs and wants of the players of the games they have graciously chosen to host. This is one of the aspects of the game that I find most appealing, in that in encourages the flow of the imagination of all those who play it, by giving general guidelines and allowing the freedom for those who wish to do so to craft new and amazingly beautifully complex stories with out the need to micro-manage every aspect of the creative process of those who want to express themselves within the bounds already set by the rules. A careful balance has been achieved which allows this to be done while attempting to maintain a cohesive collaboration of the imagination of the players with the desires of the creators and while in doing so, adding a level of depth and an infinitely changing real life-like quality to the game itself.
      I hope that you continue to stay active on the forum as I have personally observed and felt the same life-like quality I mentioned above in many of the conversations the two of us have had since you joined the forum. I must admit you would be greatly missed as much as any of the people I have grown to call my friend in my life, that is what we want this game to be for everyone who chooses to join our family.