Valentine's Day Questions about Dardunah Love

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    • Teenage Mutant Sarpah wrote:

      And...In recent news a story exposing the dark side of arranged marriage…ed-arranged-marriage.html

      Yes, indeed,...there can ABSOLUTELY be a dark side to arranged marriages... They have been a part of old-world culture in many different countries since ancient times, and in some places even today, as your article indicated...

      The cool thing about Shard (and role-playing games in general), is that you and your gaming group, under the thoughtful story-telling of a good GM, can use examples like this to drive an in-game narrative that deals with the ethical dilemmas presented by such concepts... Such game-based story-lines, if handles with care and delicacy, can present excellent moments where concepts like this are explored in ways that help gamers expand their understanding of our own world in interesting and poignant ways... The ethical dilemmas of having a Caste System create similar circumstances where in-game narratives contain potential teaching moments where cultural understandings, and modern morals versus ancient traditions, become a topic of exploration...
    • Thinking about making an 'Adaptation' of the above story I imagined the runaway heroine as a Female Viper whose Mother was a Rough Scaled Viper like herself and whose Father was a Black Mamba, rereading the Viper Template in my book Vipers are 'Almost' always High Caste (Always remember the Almost) Thinking about how houses and lines get disbanded I started imagining the Heroine's Mother was actually a Former Noblewoman but from a House who failed to successfully defend against spies and slavers, so the Mother Viper had to flee and take a new identity a Marry beneath her even if that was only one level beneath in the trade caste