Valentine's Day Questions about Dardunah Love

      Valentine's Day Questions about Dardunah Love

      Happy Valentine's Day Everybody! In honor of this day here is a thread to talk about all things Love and Romance Related to Dardunah like...Does Dardunah have an Equivalent to Valentine's Day? I would imagine it would be related to Kilarah as she is the Goddess of Love in Addition to the Moons and Prophecy.

      This isn't strictly related to love an romance but in most relationships Kids quickly follow after marriage today a thought you popped into my head about the idea of adoption and how likely it would be for cross-race adoption among the three great races, within the three great races it isn't too hard to imagine like say a family of Herd Zoics adopting an orphaned Tiger. But the cultural differences between the three great races raises some questions most prominently the Question of the Nagamissa/Amasurah weather the situation would be a family of Sarpah adopting a Vajrah/Paksin or a family of Vajrah/Paksin adopting a Sarpah some members of both sides are gonna bristle at the thought that 'the family is gonna tell the child blasphemous lies' or if the child is an older child and already has quite a bit of knowledge of his/her own culture it will be 'the child has been raised with blasphemous knowledge and may try to tempt the natural born children'
      I could easily see a holiday and a festival perhaps lasting many days dedicated to the Goddess of Love and Magic. Perhaps there will be mention of some of the most commonly celebrated days mentioned in The WORLD GUIDE when it is completed... that means that until it is published it is best to use your own imagination in creating holidays which would best fit the nature of your campaign and add richness to the version of the world which you choose to share with your players...

      The idea of adoption is a concept which is already available in the game of Shard. It happens formally when a character is raised from one caste to another, specifically the Priest caste which usually requires that the character leave behind all associations of the former life in order to be accepted into the new life of one of the Holy Caste. This could also happen with the High Caste as well, although normally the entire family would be taken in to the House in question it is possible that only one member would be adopted into a House or Family Line in cases which involve incidents which could bring dishonor or shame to the reputation of the House or Line in question.

      Regarding the other types of adoption you mentioned, I would first say that in the case of the Herd Zoics adopting a Tiger, this would not be an issue in and of itself due to the way that reproduction works in the world of Shard. All Vajrah can reproduce with all other Vajrah, so that a family with a herd creature might in fact possess members of different Vajrah types through natural births. The way that this is determined is as follows... Lets use information from the up and coming WORLD GUIDE which states that if the mother is a lioness and the father is a stallion, the child will have a 45% chance to be a lion or a lioness, and a 45% chance of being a stallion or a mare and a 5% chance of being a some other animal type from the lioness's ancestry and a 5% chance of being some other animal type from the stallion's ancestry. This other type of animal would be determined by whatever the parents, grandparents, great grand parents ect were. Normally the type of animal will most always be of the great race... ( Vajrah, Sarpah, or Paksin ). So what this means is that it would be very common to have a Monkey being married to a Wolf either have a baby monkey or a baby wolf, and less common that the children would be some Vajrah type from further back in the history of the genetics, such as a Weasel due to that type of animal being present in one or both of the family history.

      This concept gets a little more tricky when we consider adoption outside of the three great races. In those cases it would be based upon the local attitudes in the region in which the family resided. I could easily image some issues for the sake of fiction and back story both of a positive and a negative nature, depending upon how the player imagines his character.
      With respect to religious teachings they are as much determined by the region the character has been born, as by the racial Jenu of the character.
      Taking the concept of Nagmissa/Amasurah, I encourage you to think of the Indian Goddess known as Kali. She is both creator and destroyer, depending upon which aspect she is manifesting, the same could be true of the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet who is associated with Bast or Hathor depending upon her manifestation and often seen as a destroyer and a protector simultaneously. suffice to say that in the lands of the south the perception of gods may differ than the perceptions of those held in the north, and if I may say, in the lands of the east the perceptions may differ with those of the other cardinal directions with respect to which deity is held in highest esteem in the eyes of the population.

      I like the way that you are giving thought to the possible story based fiction of the game and encourage you to create fictional elements which touch upon these ideas from an angle which is both racial as well as geographical as you weave adventures full of all the complex and varied situations we face in our own world with respect to the dynamics involved when people of differing cultures, races and religions interact in both group as well as individual numbers. The fact is that the dynamics could be ever changing depending upon the personal investment of those concerned.
      Over all I would have to say this an excellent way to breath life into a game. I would also like to let you know that the WORLD GUIDE will have a great deal of information to consider before you develop too much fantasy around these concepts, since it will be devoted to giving those who purchase it a much more detailed and broad understanding of the world with regards to all aspects of daily life including the general attitudes and politics between various regions.
      So keep your ears out for the WORLD GUIDE. 8o
      The question came into my head because in further planning The Revenants of Dark Earth story, after Si'Ni joins the Turtles and other Heroes, two pairs of characters first the titular Revenants Eartha a Female Mole and Ringo and Male Ring Neck Snake treat each other as brother and sister, they are clearly not blood relatives but they treat each other like siblings, then when the heroes need someone new to cause a distraction, two Witch Humanimals summon another pair of cross-species adopted siblings, (Based on Characters a friend and I made when we were character creating for a TMNT Game) A Female Red-Eyed Tree Frog named Rana and Male Grey Squirrel named Charlie, they are brother and sister because the Human who raised them found them in the same puddle of Mutagen in the Yucatan Rain Forest.

      Which causes Si'Ni to remark "First a Vajrah Sister and Sarpah Brother, now a Sarpah Sister and Vajrah Brother!"

      My question formed because I wasn't sure how unusual the Average Janah would find a Sarpah and Vajrah treating each other like siblings

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      A Vajrah and a Sarpah brother and sister occurring naturally would be uncommon, considering the fact that an extremely rare and complicated magic ritual performed by a priest or a healer must be performed to allow such a thing to happen. Otherwise the relation would need to be through adoption or some other such social contract.
      While it is true that all Janah can breed within their racial group I do remember what was said that even within the three racial groups some think their 'Jenu' disguise is better than others most notably the Cats of Suustrum and the Bats of Klinrah while they might have arguably the worst cases of a racial superiority complex I distinctly remember reading that in Bikari Herd Zoics are the Ruling Class and in Dur-Parum Rodents are the Ruling Class I don't know if these cases Herd Zoics and Rodent Zoics have come to think their 'Disguises' are better than others but it does imply to me there are still divisions within the three great racial types
      So to answer your question.... the areas you mentioned are regions where there is a hierarchy set up which includes certain animal types while excluding others. One of the reasons for this could also be that those who are currently in power were formerly the oppressed in that nation, while another reason could be that the houses which have held power in a particular region have continued to produce heirs of a certain animal type despite any inbreeding which may occur. What this does not mean is that the same would be true in another region were such circumstances differed and the general outlook was different due to the factors which combined to produce the ruling castes. So while both region and the history of the region and animal type are to be taken into account, of the two it is the history and the region which would be the major determining factors as to the general thoughts about the differences in animal type not the other way around. The thing to take away from the entire thing is that if one of the ruling houses were to have a child which took after a different animal type from far back in the families gene pool that child would still be welcomed in the family although he/she might be uncommon. This is not to say that in most cases those who are in control of the resources and by default the power with in an area do not tend to also marry others who are of equal or greater political stature for the benefit of securing greater honor for the house they may serve. Which could produce dynasties which favor one animal type over others. While other regions due to the available politically suitable choices may have a much broader selection to choose from, and as a by product would have a more diverse group occupying the upper tier of society.
      So in short while the animal type is somewhat important in certain regions, It is only important due to the political power and the historic significance of the families which have claimed dominance in the region which may have been the from among the majority animal type of the particular time in history when the power was claimed. In the region of Sustrum there was a time that Paksin ruled and it was due to this same reason. After they were over thrown and fled, those who they oppressed ( the felines) claimed the power for themselves. While within the region of Rakbar a feline would know and understand that the Paksin held the upper levels of power. So depending upon the region, more so than the race, opinions are formed.
      It would make a great story, though, if a non-bat was born to bats on the island of Klinrah due to a long-ago love match in the ancestry of one of the bats. That child might be wanted, and even loved, but it also might be seen as shameful. Perhaps he/she would be hidden away, or perhaps the parents would pretend it was a slave, or perhaps they might seek to send him/her away to another country in the hope that he/she might have a better life. A player character with that kind of background could have all sorts of fun discovering his/her heritage.
      Remembering how much fun reading the various books of Greek Mythology, I wish I could read a collection of Dardunah Myths about the Devah detailing Kilarah's 'Amorous Adventures' and other erotic hi-jinks of the Devah, I did ask myself, did Kilarah only fool around with other Devah or like Zeus did she have trysts with Mortal Janah?
      The name KlinRa is the name of the island nation itself and not used to reference a single entity but rather the entire kingdom.
      I also enjoyed reading mythology of many different types from many different nations and I could easily see some of the same types of stories happening upon the world of DARDUNAH with respect to some of the nature spirits and other supernatural beings which will be detailed in the book we are currently working on called The World Guide.
      One the matters and ways of the Devah I can speak with no authority. That the Devah no longer walk among the Janah is clear. By the will of the Great Mother and Father all the Devah were forbidden from setting foot upon the world of Dardunah, with out their permission which may be granted during times of great and epic need. Of all the Devah only Amasurah is mentioned as having given a son to an offspring using a non divine mate. The history of the children of the Great Mother and Father is long and obscured by the misty veils of time spanning countless generations and as with all things which originate in the distant past, much of it is shrouded in deepest mystery. The World Guide will contain more information related to Dardunah's history, and perhaps will shed some light on many topics which as of now are unknown.


      Both are Paksin and could be Sunborn Nobles from the land known as Rakbar. That means that the basic script would be able to be virtually untouched with the exception of altering the setting to adopt to reflect the different cultural paradigm... To me it sound like it would be a visual and fantastical masterpiece!