So...I learned from Deviantart that the ones who are specifically called to grant fertility between mixed racial couples of Vajrah/Paksin Vajrah/Sarpah or Paksin/Sarpah (Kind of like playing the Love Triangle Game with your favorite show isn't it) Are called Pari

      Now what I find interesting reading the Basic Compendium is that sometimes 'Abominations' DO happen and are generally treated worse than Quasimodo in Hunchback of Notre Dame

      I did get an idea for my fiction however, an idea for a a villain's origin story...One dark stormy night as a Young Explorer he had the horrific experience of coming across one of these 'Abominations deep in the Jungle...Let's say a Lion with Feathered Wings...And he was so freaked out, by it...He was determand to find away to prevent such a thing from ever happening again

      Thus an idea came into my head for a real 'Racial Purity' Villain who goes beyond crusading for no breeding outside your Jenu in the Greater Sense...But no breeding with other Vajrah outside your specific Jenu in case that may also cause Monsters (I remember one saying how he let a character play a Unicorn even though a Horse with a Horn would also be considered a Demon) In this Villain's Case he only takes Mates of Pink Pig's like himself (He's actually a second cousin to Si'Ni)