Dardunah Desserts?

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    • Dardunah Desserts?

      So...A while back I brought up Dardunah Cuisine in general...Just a few minutes ago after eating some ice cream to placate my sweet tooth, I started thinking about Desserts and what Janah would have for Desserts.

      One thing I did ask on the Dardunah Cuisine Thread I never got an answer for is...For animals like Snakes...Would they be able to chew a super sticky cake like the ones found in Indian Cuisine...It just seems that while most Zoics may have omnivorous digestive systems, the first part of the digestive system...Teeth and Jaws seems it would make eating plant based foods that require chewing rather hard for many Carnviore Based Janah
    • Okay... let us see if we can address these questions for you now...
      First of all I would like to apologize for not answering the original question sooner... I will try to be better at responding in the future.
      On the world of Dardunah there are many different types of deserts, some of which would be similar to many of the counter parts found upon our own planet, while also boasting a list of other highly specialized items which will be developed specifically for the tastes of certain animal types. This allows all Game Masters the ability to co-create with us and add to the rich flavor of the World of the False Dawn according to the needs and tastes of the games they themselves are hosting.
      Back to your question about the snakes being able to chew super sticky deserts like the ones found in Indian Cuisine... The answer is yes they would. The reason being that while they have many characteristics of serpents they also have many characteristics of humans as well, and while it might prove difficult for a snake on our world to deal with sticky deserts due to the relative small size of their mouths and the lack of muscle mass located in the jaw, in the world of Shard the animal people would not suffer as much from this issue. Also it should be noted that in certain areas which host a large number of snake like citizens the recipes for any deserts could and would be altered in what ever manner required to allow it to be a commodity which could be sold for a profit. Understand that merchants and trade caste individuals make their living by providing a service or a product which must continuously be in demand from the populations they inhabit, and as such terms such as "sticky" and "sweet" might vary in definition according to whom you ask and where you might live.
      Finally chewing for all animals would be able to be accomplished due to the mixture of human DNA in the Janah, however it is possible that some may prefer to eat special diets depending upon how your Game Master wishes to run your particular campaign. I tend to allow the Disadvantages to determine when and if a character has specific dietary needs which vary from the norm or which could be difficult to maintain, in this way if a character has decided to make it a part of the fictional elements of the character they are also able to gain the additional points associated with the Drawback.