Medical Alchemy

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    • Medical Alchemy

      I had some questions regarding specifically medical alchemy. Would this be a complementary roll for dress wound and/or surgery if a character wanted to use medical alchemy, or does it have stats for how much it can heal if you used say: a potion, tonic, etc.? The basic compendium is somewhat vague about how much it will heal if any. I have a doctor in my group but they have yet to use medical alchemy yet, I'm trying to prepare myself for when they do. Thanks in advance.
    • This is a most excellent question and I will say that you are on the right track. Medical Alchemy can indeed be used as a complementary skill to dress wound and or surgery, in that the substances the healer will be creating can affect the Dice the Healer is able to use when attempting to use Dress Wound skills. I will go into detail on the details of what would be required in order to use it effectively. The exact way will be described below.

      The first thing to consider is whether the character in question (in this case a doctor) has access to ingredients which could be used to aid the process of healing or treating wounds. The specific type of ingredients could be any thing from strong alcohol to specific plants or spices which might offer some healing qualities in our own world. If they do possess these ingredients, then they would be able to make salves and potions from combining these ingredients in specific orders with others using the knowledge skill they have purchased as a doctor possessing Medical alchemy skill roll. The easiest way to determine the amount of bonus a particular potion or concoction will grant is as follows. This is a sneak preview of some of the more detailed information which will be explained with in the pages of the up and coming WORLD GUIDE which already contains many unique medicines for the world of Dardunah and goes into great detail on the exact properties of individual substances and the processes used by healers to restore lost Stamina and keep the Janah in good health according to the will of the Great Mother and Father. Here we shall keep it as simple as possible in order to provide you with a foundation by which to allow your player to utilize the skills which make him/her a valued member of the party.

      There are three things to consider. The specific names of the herbs or medicines which the character creates may differ depending upon which culture the healer is from and what Caste he has, however, no matter what name they are called they will all have certain things in common. The things which will be in common are. First of the amount of benefit which is afforded by using the medicine the character wishes to use. The second thing is the rareness of finding the necessary ingredients to make the particular medicine the Healer has in mind, with the more common items being easier to acquire and the rarer more potent ingredients being more difficult to gain. Lastly the difficulty to knowledge skill penalty assigned to the type of medicine the Healer is attempting to make, with the easier and less potent herbs and potions recipes being more commonly known and able to be reproduced and the rarer more scarce esoteric extraordinary herbs, potions and healing substances being more challenging to prepare. The chart presented below should be enough to allow you to provide the Healer in your group with plenty of unique role play scenarios which are tailored to display the particular and unique strengths of the profession she/he has chosen and give the other players a greater respect for the importance of how knowledge skills can make the game more interesting.

      This chart which I have provided is by no means complete and is intended to wet your appetite for the much greater treasure which will be presented with in the pages of our next addition to the core rule books which we are currently striving to make available to those of you who have shown us such unwavering support. Please stay tuned and visit the forum on a regular basis to stay informed and gain access to the latest news, as well as have any questions or concerns addressed by those of us closest to the creators of this most magnificent game.

      1.) Dice bonus to Dress Wound or Surgery 2.) Dice Penalty to Herbal Lore or 3.) Dice penalty to Medical Craft skill roll
      Performance skill roll when using Medical Knowledge skill roll to to create applicable form of the
      medication. locate medication nearby. Medication.

      LEVEL 1 ( These Medicines offer +1 Dice ) ( These Medicines are 0 Penalty ) ( These are -1 Penalty to create )
      LEVEL 2 ( These Medicines offer + 2 Dice) ( These Medicines are -1 Penalty ) ( These are -2 Penalty to create )
      LEVEL 3 ( These Medicines offer +3 Dice ) ( These Medicines are -2 Penalty ) ( These are -3 Penalty to create )
      LEVEL 4 ( These Medicines offer +4 Dice ) ( These Medicines are -3 Penalty ) ( These are -4 Penalty to create )
      LEVEL 5 ( These Medicines offer +5 Dice ) ( These Medicines are -4 Penalty ) ( These are -5 Penalty to create )
      ECT. ECT. ECT. ECT.

      Please let me know how this works for you and keep me informed on the progress of your game. Remember we are only a few key strokes away if you ever need any more information and we are always pleased to hear from you.

      "May the winds be at your back and you always travel with the light and blessings of the two suns..."
    • Thisnis very helpful and I look forward to all of the new and interesting information from your newest addition to the core rulebook. I'll let you know how this basic chart works in the meantime and will semi-patiently await the more in depth explanation of the expansion!
    • Hey there Zashta! Scottie here ^^

      Griffin gave you a great basic understanding about how the use of things like Medical Alchemy will eventually be dealt with in the World Guide! I'm going to go one step further, and actually provide you and the other forum-goers with a few PDFs of the currently unedited version we're already working on for it! Attached here are the chapters pertaining to the Medical Arts, Poisons, and the Physiology of the Zoics (called "Animorphs" in this earlier version)...

      These should help you play with all of this stuff now, while waiting for us to finish the final edits for the World Guide... Please note, some of the data may change between what I show you now, and what we eventually publish in the final version...


      Scottie ^^
    • Wow this is above and beyond what I expected when I asked this question and I cannot thank you enough for your insight and assistance in this matter. This is incredibly helpful and you have gone above and beyond in how descriptive you are in your medicines and poisons. You are doing the Devahs work here and once again thank you so very much for your help!
    • Reading the sections on Janah Mutations and thinking about my own character Si'Ni being a High Functioning Autistic/Asperger's Syndrome I kind of just realized are instances of Janah born acting more animalistically a kind of Janah specific Autism, could high functioning ones like Si'Ni be considered 'borderline' cases constantly viewed with suspicion because of their inability to grasp certain social concepts?