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A place to post SHARD-inspired art and fiction you’ve made yourself or other works of art and literature you may have found that inspire thoughts of our world. (Please respect the works of other artists and writers by either linking to their work, giving them direct credit for their work, or placing examples of it here with their general permission. Additionally, please also respect other Forum Goers by abiding to the rules as presented in the Forum Rules section pertaining to acceptable subject matter and content.)

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A beautiful, noble-caste mountain estate

1 +1 10,569


A hidden place, high in the mountains -

1 +1 2,458


Check out this mountain temple image!

1 2,109


An ominous seaside fortress

1 2,558


"...A thief on the rooftops eyes the prize. The Palace of the Twelve Amins. It's minarets lofty. It's walls forbidding..."

0 1,831

A cool Suthra design by June Osone

0 1,950


4 24,741

Scott Jones


2 3,132

Scott Jones

Pirate Captain Korsan

3 3,249

Scott Jones

Vadoma of the Taskara

2 +3 8,796


Baanagagum in the morning mists

12 +2 6,969

Teenage Mutant Sarpah


3 +1 4,215


Sadaak the Binturong

5 +3 6,814

Teenage Mutant Sarpah

Si'Ni Devah of Manga?

0 +1 5,910

The Journey Chant

1 +1 5,909


I hope this is OK

1 6,475

Teenage Mutant Sarpah

Si'Ni Appears!

0 6,336

Brief Mention of the Janah

0 +1 8,919

Dardunah Noir

5 11,505

Teenage Mutant Sarpah

First Fanfiction.Net Story to have a Dardunah Character

11 +1 11,690

Teenage Mutant Sarpah

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