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Winter War 2013...



This is a test.

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  • ReaperWolf -

    Replied to the thread Winter War 2013....

    Yikes, I've been sitting on this adventure since 2016... High time to devote a little effort to reinforcing Shard. Stay tuned! >>ReaperWolf
  • Teenage Mutant Sarpah -

    Replied to the thread Talons of Kramah.

    Initally when imagining the family I imagined them all as Golden Lion Tamerians like their ancestor Devah, after some time thinking about I began imagining Shriman as a golden lion tameran his wife as a Reeve's Muntajac, the first to children still as…
  • Devah Dancer -

    Posted the thread Gen Con 2023.

    I noticed Shard RPG will be at Gen Con Indy again this year. Will you be running any sessions of Shard during the con? I do not see any listed yet, but I know event catalog is updated regularly.
  • Ineyod -

    Wrote a comment on griffin’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    Any news on games at GenCon this year don't want to miss a chance
  • Ineyod -

    Wrote a comment on Scott Jones’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    Any news about games at GenCon this year don't want to miss a chance
  • Scott Jones -

    Replied to the thread Getting physical copies of Shard RPG products outside the US.

    Great news! Having contacted the good folks at Drive-Thru RPG, I've updated our Shard Studio account, added the World Guide as the newest book available for the sake of PDF sales, and have additionally set it up as a test to make it available for Print…