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  • With any luck I'll have it for Christmas cuz too late for my birthday

  • So...How close is the World Guide to being finished?

  • Finally I can see the pictures! Man that was a heck of a long wait!

  • Um...I don't see any picture

  • Rabies

    Teenage Mutant Sarpah - - World of Dárdünah


    So a while back I read a book about the history of Rabies, how it might have inspired the myths of werewolves and vampires. I presume rabies still affects Janah, in that case is it a particularly dreaded disease? Does it still only effect mammals? What happens when a Janah begins frothing at the mouth?

  • So cannibalism is mostly taboo with the exception of a few isolated tribes, Vampirisms from some of the Bats of Klinrah and maybe some strange rituals practiced by the Sarpah but there had to be a few 'Donner Party' like cases in history where circumstances forced Janah who normally wouldn't to commit cannibalism. When I was a kid I would look through a 'Far Side Calendar Book' and it wasn't until much later I understood the joke of 'Donner Party Snow Globe'

  • Pari

    Teenage Mutant Sarpah - - World of Dárdünah


    In my recent fanfic 'World's Collide' in which a Dishonored Sheep Mage named Chanchalla ends up in the world of the 2003 Ninja Turtles and after the initial shock comes to accept the Mutants and realize she was sent to this world for a reason, she begins falling in love with Leonardo but quickly realizes how many problems could occur if they consummated their love, what would happen if a Janah mated with an Anthro Animal that wasn't a Janah or possibly even a human? As a Native of Nilam specific…

  • It's not a game just a fanfic I've written where a Dishonored Ewe Mage finds herself in the World of the 2003 Ninja Turtles after praying for the Devah's protection as the Ship she's on is about to be torn up by the churning waters at the edge of the world

  • Scary Moments

    Teenage Mutant Sarpah - - Campaign Discussions


    Also what Jenu was The Accursed

  • Scary Moments

    Teenage Mutant Sarpah - - Campaign Discussions


    Was this the game with the Outcaste Children? I was under the impression the kindly master was a Bat from Klinrah was the Wicked Master also a Bat?

  • I guess specific scary moments in individual games

  • A while back I realized there was no mention of Gecko or other Lizard Janah being able to shed and regrow their tails so I assumed that was an ability the Lizard Janah no longer has but another shedding question came to mind, deer shedding their antlers I have this scene planned in a story where a Male Roe Deer Janah loses his antlers in a fight and his family soothes him saying he'll soon grow another pair...Like I'm assuming male deer shed their antlers annually like they do in real life right…

  • It's almost Christmas, and while it's not likely we'll see the World Guide in time for Christmas how close do you think you are?

  • Just realized don't know much about kissing in Dardunah, I presume it does happen, but I also remember a passage about courtship that public displays of affection aren't approved of even in cosmopolitan areas I remember reading there are some human cultures that think kissing is disgusting Just wanted to ask if there any Dardunah Notes on kissing?

  • I think inspired by the PC made by Mulefoot's Friend I'll make my Autistic Sir'hibas Character a Norfolk Sheep Ewe because I love Sheep and after Googling Norfolk Sheep I think they have rad appearances particularly the Ewes having horns

  • Is he specifically a Siberian Tiger?

  • Returning to this original idea of Autistic Janah, I suddenly had an idea to write a story not connected to any of my other stories, and while Si'Ni my Domestic Sow character is kind of just me as a Janah and is Janah with no magical powers I suddenly had an idea if an Autistic Janah was a Sir'hibas and in imagining this character if their disability gave them the ability to do things easier, like traveling through the dream in an 'Achievements in Ignorance' sort of way, not sure if this charact…

  • Imagining the other players in our group, some are flat-out mythical creatures that don't exist in Dardunah (A Fairy Dragon and a Phoenix) and one is an 'Enchanted Beast' a Coven Octopus either way Octopi aren't PC options in Dardunah so the 'Normal Animals' left is a black Puma (Her player said she's a hybrid of Puma and Jaguar, since in the Pregnancy Thread, someone said a union between a white swan and a raven resulted in a black swan so I feel the union between a Puma and a Black Panther cou…

  • True enough, I'm currently playing an Animal Game on roll20 the system is Pathfinder but instead of taking place in the fantasy land the Pathfinder world is set in it instead takes place on Earth during the 1970s the whole thing is like a cross between Rocky & Bullwinkle and James Bond thus is is called 'Secret Agent Animals' we're not Anthros we're 'Ferals' but cartoon logic is applied as with enough practice we can walk on our hind legs for extended periods of time and even write without oppos…

  • Thinking about how should I ever get an opportunity to actually play this game I'd really like to play a Trade Caste Character, but then had to think for a moment about the kinds of 'Adventure Types' mentioned in the book and some are more suited to Lower Castes than others Serving a Lord seems to be mostly for Sunborn and Holy Caste as there isn't much reason for a Groomer or Baker to go on adventures for his or her Lord seems 'Peasants to Heroes' (With Trade Caste being a more upgraded version…