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Pinned Getting physical copies of Shard RPG products outside the US

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Announcement The "World Guide" has been printed and is on its way!

10 +2 6,066

Scott Jones

Announcement Forum going offline for a day or two!

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A peek at work on the "World Guide"

38 +2 46,648

Teenage Mutant Sarpah

Gen Con Indy 2018

7 8,757

Scott Jones

The Magic and Martial Arts Books have arrived, and we're having a massive sale to celebrate!!!

7 3,629

Teenage Mutant Sarpah

Magic and Martial Arts is off to the printer!

4 +1 3,836

Teenage Mutant Sarpah

Some Art and Fiction from the upcoming Magic and Martial Arts book!

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Announcement The "Magic and Martial Arts" book is now COMPLETE!

12 +3 10,714


Some Teasers for Magic and Martial Arts!

21 +2 10,950

Teenage Mutant Sarpah

Announcement Salutations from Shard! ...An Explanation...An Introduction...and Moving Forward...

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Scott Jones

Announcement Forum Update In Progress!!!! (...and now nearly complete!)

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Announcement Spiral Arena Card Game

8 9,528

Scott Jones

Star Trek Continues!

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Scott Jones

Star Trek Continues!

1 6,142

Scott Jones

A great recent Demo!

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Wreck-it Ralph

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Medieval Macabre (2)

1 3,080


How it's going on the Magic and Martial Arts book...

43 26,125


A short story: Bloody Duel

4 4,838

Scott Jones