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  • Gen Con 2023

    Devah Dancer - - Conventions


    I noticed Shard RPG will be at Gen Con Indy again this year. Will you be running any sessions of Shard during the con? I do not see any listed yet, but I know event catalog is updated regularly.

  • I am so crazy excited to hear this! This is definitely going to be one of my 1st stops in the Exhibit Hall at Gen Con. Do you have a price estimation so I can factor the world guide into my Gen Con budget? Thank you again so much!

  • The Summon Suthra Ritual in the Magic and Martial Arts guide references a Suthra's Power Pool. Is that the standard number of dice a Suthra has in the Beastiary? Otherwise, how do you determine the Power Pool for a Suthra?

  • Aerial Combat

    Devah Dancer - - SHARD Combat


    I have some questions regarding aerial combat since flying Zoics' wings are attached at the arms and not on the back. Does a flight check prevent the flyer from falling? And does the flight check then count as a separate combat action? If a flyer uses Throw or Missile Combat, do they loose any altitude in the process?