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  • That note about antlers being OK to use for stuff got me thinking if Janah like Sheep, Lllamas, Alpacas etc sheer themselves and make clothes and blankets and stuff with their own wool

  • Initally when imagining the family I imagined them all as Golden Lion Tamerians like their ancestor Devah, after some time thinking about I began imagining Shriman as a golden lion tameran his wife as a Reeve's Muntajac, the first to children still as tamerans cuz I don't know their actions in the story remind of monkeys the next son who begat the Holy Caste is also a Tameran because he's described as small, the High Caste son as a lion, the trade caste as a domestic tabby cat and the youngest s…

  • One thing I thought about in regards to the plants of Dardunah while as mentioned in the Farming section there are vegetables analagous to the ones we have on Earth, the mention of 'almond stuffed pastries' in Nilam's culture section got me thinking, did some Earth plants also come to Dardunah? You know as food for the zoo animals?

  • Come to think of it, I realized I assumed Jvalah was a male in the Basic Compendium, I don't think Jvalah's gender gets specified in that book so I did think it was awesome that the Talons were actually two males three females

  • So...Hopefully have that to look forward to, learning about what each of the Talons lost in exchange for their powers I find it interesting that taste was one sense lost but not smell

  • I was hoping in the World Guide we would get some of the famous folktales of 'Klirarah's Amoruous Adventures' or 'Hropa's Infinate Appitite' but it was nice to actuall 'hear' the Devah speak (In the Basic Compendium's Prologue we only get Kramah's thoughts) in the Story of the Creation of Caste, but that brings me to a previous question about the Devah I was told only Nagamissa explitly had a child with a mortal Janah and that was againt Great Mother and Father's will in the story of the creatio…

  • Yeah I read that part just the ambiguaty left me very confused like OK which is she?

  • So after finally getting the World Guide and reading it, my shock at finding the Eagle Talon described in the first book was actually a Fox...Is it too much to say I was disapointed since the rest of the Talons were Vajrah the one Paksin member was actually a Vajrah

  • Just recieved the World Guide, tried to read all of it, realized I had to skim and skip some of the things I wasn't yet interested in an concentrate in what I was most interested in (Information on the countries and NPCs)

  • If any of you know the furry webcomic Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures you'll Cubi 'Clan Quirks' where clans of Cubi (Incubi and Sucubbi) tend to have a 'family quirk' like all in the clan give birth to twins or all members are born female Just a random thought I had for a story that I'm throwing out there if there was a family line who seemed to have a curios quirk that children will always take the Jenu of the opposite parent (Or possibly an opposite sex ancestor futher down the line) Hence daug…

  • With any luck I'll have it for Christmas cuz too late for my birthday

  • So...How close is the World Guide to being finished?

  • Finally I can see the pictures! Man that was a heck of a long wait!

  • Um...I don't see any picture

  • Rabies

    Teenage Mutant Sarpah - - World of Dárdünah


    So a while back I read a book about the history of Rabies, how it might have inspired the myths of werewolves and vampires. I presume rabies still affects Janah, in that case is it a particularly dreaded disease? Does it still only effect mammals? What happens when a Janah begins frothing at the mouth?

  • So cannibalism is mostly taboo with the exception of a few isolated tribes, Vampirisms from some of the Bats of Klinrah and maybe some strange rituals practiced by the Sarpah but there had to be a few 'Donner Party' like cases in history where circumstances forced Janah who normally wouldn't to commit cannibalism. When I was a kid I would look through a 'Far Side Calendar Book' and it wasn't until much later I understood the joke of 'Donner Party Snow Globe'

  • Pari

    Teenage Mutant Sarpah - - World of Dárdünah


    In my recent fanfic 'World's Collide' in which a Dishonored Sheep Mage named Chanchalla ends up in the world of the 2003 Ninja Turtles and after the initial shock comes to accept the Mutants and realize she was sent to this world for a reason, she begins falling in love with Leonardo but quickly realizes how many problems could occur if they consummated their love, what would happen if a Janah mated with an Anthro Animal that wasn't a Janah or possibly even a human? As a Native of Nilam specific…

  • It's not a game just a fanfic I've written where a Dishonored Ewe Mage finds herself in the World of the 2003 Ninja Turtles after praying for the Devah's protection as the Ship she's on is about to be torn up by the churning waters at the edge of the world

  • Scary Moments

    Teenage Mutant Sarpah - - Campaign Discussions


    Also what Jenu was The Accursed

  • Scary Moments

    Teenage Mutant Sarpah - - Campaign Discussions


    Was this the game with the Outcaste Children? I was under the impression the kindly master was a Bat from Klinrah was the Wicked Master also a Bat?