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  • Gen Con 2024

    Devah Dancer - - Conventions


    Will you be having ticketed events this year? And if so, do you know when they will make it into the Gen Con Schedule? Last, do you know where the sessions with be located if you are? Looking forward to seeing you again in August, and very excited to hear about new Shard stuff!

  • Gen Con 2023

    Devah Dancer - - Conventions


    I noticed Shard RPG will be at Gen Con Indy again this year. Will you be running any sessions of Shard during the con? I do not see any listed yet, but I know event catalog is updated regularly.

  • I am so crazy excited to hear this! This is definitely going to be one of my 1st stops in the Exhibit Hall at Gen Con. Do you have a price estimation so I can factor the world guide into my Gen Con budget? Thank you again so much!

  • The Summon Suthra Ritual in the Magic and Martial Arts guide references a Suthra's Power Pool. Is that the standard number of dice a Suthra has in the Beastiary? Otherwise, how do you determine the Power Pool for a Suthra?

  • Aerial Combat

    Devah Dancer - - SHARD Combat


    I have some questions regarding aerial combat since flying Zoics' wings are attached at the arms and not on the back. Does a flight check prevent the flyer from falling? And does the flight check then count as a separate combat action? If a flyer uses Throw or Missile Combat, do they loose any altitude in the process?