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  • Quote from Teenage Mutant Sarpah: “Finally I can see the pictures! Man that was a heck of a long wait! ” Yes,...that's because I'm the only one who has the power to make these visible (since they're on my computer), and I'm in a nearly continuous time-crunch as I try to get these last art tasks finished before turning in the files of the World Guide to our printer at the end of this month... I barely have time to breathe, much less attend to the Forums as much as they (and you folks) deserve... …

  • Here's another excellent oil painting created by Richard Fox as a header for the entire chapter concerning Countries and Cultures! Though not specifically meant to be any particular city in the world, we feel this image certainly represents the general "feel" of many of the population centers Dárdünah has to offer!…fbeb4b8b15b94639655097a6d

  • Quote from Teenage Mutant Sarpah: “One thing I just thought of about bathhouses, the difficulties of massaging certain Jenu like porcupines, hedgehogs and certain spiky lizards like the Thorny Devil ” No doubt! I'm sure there would be specifically skilled individuals working at such places to handle those more physiologically-difficult client!

  • Quote from Teenage Mutant Sarpah: “Hoping that one of the peeks will involve a country with a female ruler which I believe someone told me was one of the Sarpah nations ” Oh yes! There are actually several nations that have female rulers! I'll see about giving a sneak peak at a few of those soon! (once I have images of both the header for the country as well as an image of the leader herself).

  • Quote from Teenage Mutant Sarpah: “Um...I don't see any picture ” That's super freaky!!! It was there, to me, when I first posted it! Let's try it again. Hmmn!!! For some reason it's blocking our own image from our own Facebook page!!! Here's at least, is a link you can look at. Please let me know if you can see the image in this link... The city of Sadahm Ah! I see what happened! I needed to add it as an "Attachment" instead of adding it as an "Image"... Ugh! Should be fixed now above (please l…

  • Tishinia Header Art!!! Hey! Check out one of the recent pieces created for one of our country write-ups in the World Guide! This is our header image for the nation of Tishinia showcasing a wide view of its capital city Sadahm, painted by our good friend Richard Fox as an oil on canvas. We're only about two months from finishing all the art and turning in the final files for the printers, so we're both really nervous and really excited!…fbeb4b8b15b94639655097a6d

  • Scary Moments

    Scott Jones - - Campaign Discussions


    For my campaign it was the moment I first introduced a being called "The Accursed", essentially the Shard version of a lycanthrope... This horrifying creature is a jánah that has been cursed in some way such that it occasionally transforms into a terrifying "were-insect" abomination, for lack of a better term... Like the werewolves of legend and folklore, but mixed with the even more savage and powerful version seen in more modern fiction, this practically indestructible killing machine revealed…

  • Star Trek Continues!

    Scott Jones - - Off-Topic Discussions


    And speaking of Star Trek related coolness,...and because I can now reveal this after having kept it secret for so MANY years,...check out how I was involved in finally getting James Doohan's ashes into space! In essence, it was originally kept a secret for fear that there would be negative repercussions from the Russian company who was working with Richard and his dad Owen at the time doing Space Adventures. I was actually involved in contacting C…

  • How is it that no one's responded to this?!?!?! Lasagna for me...

  • Man,...I'm so sorry other potential fans in Utah never responded to this! It's always good to see folks collaborating to play beautiful games together!

  • Scary Moments

    Scott Jones - - Campaign Discussions


    Sorry it took me awhile to respond to this... Do you mean scary campaign moment archetypes in general, or do you mean specific examples of scary moments in people's individual games?

  • Wow! I'm so sorry I missed your post for so long! I don't think this is insensitive at all!! I mean, many of us HAVEN'T thought about games and entertainment pertaining to things like a zombie-plague or otherwise during these trying times? Even before all of this I ran a campaign based on the idea that Giant "suthra" (insect life) from the other side of the world were emerging into the lands of the jánah to conquer it... They did this by "softening up" the Zoic population before-hand by es…

  • Question about Antlers

    Scott Jones - - World of Dárdünah


    Mulefoot's exactly correct here... And it's fun to address this simply because, for the most part, most average folks don't really think about the differences in antlers versus horns when it comes to the way they grow, their consistency, and whether they shed or not... In general, and for the most part as far as I know,...antler get shed (yearly) and grow back, whereas horns (like the horns of bovines) do not... It's always good to double-check the breed of your character if you want to bring th…

  • Boleslawiec

    Scott Jones - - Player Locator


    I just noticed this! For some reason this entry slipped me by! I find it AWESOME that word of our game reached you in Poland, and that you enjoyed our world for a time. So much time has passed since you first found us, but I hope you've continued enjoying our fantasy offering, and I hope you and your friends have been well. One day I hope I can come and visit your beautiful country, but until then, good luck and good gaming! Scottie

  • Wáltür

    Scott Jones - - Inspirational Art and Fiction


    I just happened to come across so many other videos of him recently as well! What a character!

  • Susza

    Scott Jones - - Inspirational Art and Fiction


    When you have a chance, I'm betting others would love to see a small write-up describing what this person's all about!

  • He looks great! I really love seeing these!

  • Power Pool for Summoning Suthra

    Scott Jones - - SHARD Magic


    Hello! And YES! You nailed it exactly! For most circumstances, including their reaction to being summoned or manipulated with magic ritual, the Power Pool of a creature is its Normal Action Dice for most of the regular things it does. There may be instances where you might want to use the Special Actions dice associated with the creature, but only if you feel one of its "Special Actions" would apply to its reaction to magic for some reason. The rules in the Magic and Martial Arts book are essent…

  • Aerial Combat

    Scott Jones - - SHARD Combat


    First, please allow me to deeply and humbly apologize for somehow having missed this particular question. With the coming of Covid-19, and thus the need to stay at home and refrain from going out and having the social life we are used to, one would imagine that would leave tons of spare time to do things like attend the Forum and be more careful concerning upkeep here. Instead, it's actually slowed down progress on our primary goal (completing the World Guide) and the distractions and concerns o…

  • Yeah I think you've correctly hit upon the kind of Trade Caste campaign archetypes I happened to present in the first book, as examples... Of course, another Trade Caste type might be able to fit into any campaign based on the idea of being a "world traveler" or "exploration party" of some kind... Such a campaign (or even short-run series of adventures) could use the talents of average Trade Caste folk such as Apothecaries, Artisans of all kinds, Weapons Crafters of all kinds, Cartographers, Fur…