Been waiting for this game

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    • RE: Been waiting for this game

      Not a question of "where", but of "when" at the moment. As far as I'm aware, it's scheduled to launch in July at most game shops. I know my game shops offer to order a book for you if they don't have it in stock. So check with your Friendly Local Game Store once it's released (whenever the date is).
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    • Thanks. I do hope it is out in July. I asked my local game store about it and they could not find it anywhere I then checked out Shard's publisher and there was no news there either if anyone can give me a definite launch date it would be most appreciated
    • Shard Availability

      Hiya Hex!

      If all goes well, then Shard products will be available at your FLGS at the end of August. We're getting our product shipped from China so it takes time to get here and then has to spend some time in customs. How much time that will be is sometimes hard to judge. As we get updates from our printer, we'll certainly try and update all of you.

      That said, Studio 2 should be able to take pre-orders for our products. As long as folks understand that they may not receive those products until the end of August or the early part of September, then we encourage you to order through Studio 2.

      Hope that helps.

    • Hello Hex and Karizma!

      There was an earlier question about this in one of the other threads, so I figured I'd tell ya here too to make sure that you got the info you needed... Forgive the repeat-laden nature of this post... (I literally copied and pasted most of this from the other post)... :P This simply expands on what Aaron said above...

      The products we were actually able to sell recently at Origins and Anthrocon, including the main rulebook called the Basic Compendium which sold out at Anthrocon after the first day and a half, can currently be preordered at our publisher's online store; Studio 2

      We hope to have the preorder information for the World Map and the sets of Crystal Dice you were asking about there soon as well. The Art of Shard book, however, is currently available only at conventions or directly through us...

      However, what you saw us selling at Anthrocon were the books sent as an early shipment of as much as we could get our printers to send directly to us at our hotel prior to the most recent two conventions... These were truly the "early bird specials" so to speak... The rest of the shipment should be on it's way soon, but takes awhile to get to the publisher's warehouse (a month or more), so anything you preorder now could take 6-8 weeks to get to you.

      Once you preorder, though, the good folks at Studio 2 will do their best to send your products to you as quickly as they get them delivered at their warehouse...

      Hopefully this tells ya what you need to know...

      Please let us know if you have any other questions.

      Scottie ^^