Character Portrait Stickers

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    • Character Portrait Stickers

      Hey! I see you have a nice, 20 plus assortment of avatars for the forum. That is more like it! Nice work too! They're all very groovy. Though my custom, "Hello Ghorüm" style avatar is the height of fashion. You know, when you finalize the character sheet, and then know the exact dimensions of the character portrait area, you could have a line of stickers made, custom to size that you could both sell in game shops and also giv away as cool swag in conventions for players. And it would give artists a chance to showcase their character illustrating badassery.
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    • RE: Character Portrait Stickers

      This is a neat idea, and reminds me that I wanted to create a separate area to place any good ideas and reminders that I or anyone else might have concerning additional and supplemental materials that might enhance the Dardunah RPG.

      Forgive me, but I'm going to move this over into the new category right now!


      Scottie ^^
    • Nice idea, and here's a twist on it:

      As a useful download, consider having a pdf of various anthro animal heads (cropped from the rpg illustrations, of course), sized for a character portrait section of the character sheet. That way folks can simply print out the image ready-sized, cut it out, and stick it on their character sheet.

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    • Yep,..that's a great idea.. And, in fact,...when I have the spare time I might even one-day be able to create sort of a "paper-doll" program that allows the player to pick a Zoic (the animal person), and dress it in a variety of things to customize it to their liking... THEN print it out on a sticker for their sheet...

      We'll see if that "spare time" ever actually arrives for me.....

      That's the mentality I get for working in the computer games industry for too long... :D