Announcement The "World Guide" has been printed and is on its way!

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    • The "World Guide" has been printed and is on its way!

      The final core book for Shard has been completed in all its 452-page glory, the printing has been finished, and the books are on their way here! They'll be arriving just in time for folks at Gen Con to pick theirs up early, and then they'll become available to purchase from either our website, from Studio 2 Publishing, or from Amazon shortly after that, most likely by the 10th of August! We are so very proud of this particular accomplishment, because it represents what seemed to be a near-impossible task at one point in its production. Looking at the final product (we got a few early copies for approval), we are amazed that SO MUCH creatively cool content came from our little group of contributors. It just doesn't seem real! I will forever be thankful for those that stuck with me through this process and contributed their time, the hard work, and their incredibly creativity and inspiration...