Pinned Getting physical copies of Shard RPG products outside the US

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    • Getting physical copies of Shard RPG products outside the US

      I want to address a question that has been asked on a number of occasions. Are there ways of getting physical copies of our products outside of the United States, while avoiding the unfortunate shipping fees associated with international shipments... Some have hoped to be able to get them from Drive-Thru RPG, which in recent years has set themselves up to offer various titles as "print-on-demand" offerings.

      At the time we set up our account with Drive-Thru for our earlier products a long while back, providing physical books wasn't really an affordable option for the customers (due to the high prices of print-on-demand at the time), but looking at the site now it seems the print-on-demand costs have come down enough that it would offset the normal overseas shipping costs... I'll have to ask Drive-Thru to see if that's an option available to us for our products now, and see what it would take to set it up for all our stuff (or at least the hardcover books themselves), including the "World Guide"!...

      The are only two other fairly dependable ways to obtain the books outside of the US, unfortunately, since there aren't a lot of international distributors that are willing to keep stock of smaller independent games such as ours... The first would be to compare costs with ordering it from Amazon instead (which might offer better shipping costs because of their size)... Our publisher Studio 2 recently got the World Guide set up onto Amazon right now (at this link), joining four of our other products already available there (including the first two hardcover books)... It may indicate the product is "Temporarily out of stock" if they are currently waiting for an order of our books to arrive at their warehouses.

      The other way would be to talk with a hobby and game store local to you who buys from international distributors such as Esdevium Games and Spiral Galaxy (which services the UK stores), Front Depot or BNW (which service game shops in Germany), or even Aetherworks (who service shops in Australia)... All of these distributors buy from our publisher Studio 2, and are able to supply the brick-and-mortar stores in neighborhoods all across those countries... You'd just want to go to your favorite game shop, ask them if they can get our products through any of the distributors I mentioned, and then ask them to either carry the Shard RPG products in their store locally or perhaps special order it for you... It might take 4-6 weeks to get there, but it would encourage the international distributors and game shops in nations outside the US to carry our stuff...which would be great!

      Scottie ^^