Gen Con 2023

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    • Devah Dancer wrote:

      I noticed Shard RPG will be at Gen Con Indy again this year. Will you be running any sessions of Shard during the con? I do not see any listed yet, but I know event catalog is updated regularly.
      Hello Devah Dancer!!!

      And as you can tell,...especially as life gets in the way and necessities drive my passions to the back seat, haunting the Forums as much as I should becomes harder and harder to do...

      PLEASE forgive the lateness of my response, and I was SO GLAD to see you at Gen Con!!!

      And yes, indeed, though we totally ran five different demos at Gen Con this year, we were super-late in submitting them, and only sold out the remaining two of the adventures during Gen Con itself! This year has been SO crazy for us that we've fallen behind on a number of things I was hoping to achieve this year, including the new product we were hoping to have... But with several circumstances now improved I look forward to being a bit more "on the mark" with both my communication as well as my personal productivity for the rest of the remaining year concerning all things "Shard", and for the next as we approach Gen Con 2024... Thanks so much for your continued support and kind patience... <3