Poster-sized Dardunah Map

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    • RE: Poster-sized Dardunah Map

      Ah yes. Ghorum had a similar request,..and it is a great idea, but it will definitely need to wait a bit,.. at least until after the game gets published, since a fully-illustrated and detailed map of this kind is a project into and of itself, and will take the kind of time I don't personally have right now, even if someone else were to attempt it, and I were merely to art-direct it.

      Scottie ^^
    • Originally posted by Daelda
      Please remember my suggestion to do a 'Player Map' as well as a GM map. The 'Player Map' would be slightly inaccurate, omitting any 'secret GM info', exact locations of settlements would be slightly off, especially as you got farther from 'civilization'.

      Yes,..I do kinda like the idea about a more "artistic" rendering of a player map that has a rougher rustic feel to it. Like it could be wrong and older maps from our world OFTEN were. The only difference here, though, that with the advent of skyships, aerial navigation and cartography would have made for MUCH more accurate mapping... I kinda need to take that into account... Common travel by flight, either by wing or by flying vessel, tends to change the way people look at their world. Those old Arabic maps were pretty darn accurate compared to their European counterparts...

      One thing I certainly intend to do, as per Ghorum's suggestion to me during one of our playtests sessions, is to allow the larger map (the poster version) to be more general, but to later provide the GMs more detailed "zoomed in" versions of the various countries in much GREATER detail,..with lots of extra stuff included. This would come along with even more information concerning that country as well as lots of adventure ideas... These would potentially be supplements all their own...

      Scottie ^^